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Key Antioxidants that Help in Quick Workout Recovery

A stay with us can be the perfect break you need from your city life, a retreat as healthy as possible – physically, mentally and emotionally. Following the principles of a healthy retreat, fitness enthusiasts also have ample space to indulge in their morning workouts, be it following Surya Namaskar from the comfort of your private gardens at the Jaipur property or a jog down the serene Marari Sands. To treat your soreness from any workout, a soothing time at the spa is always in the calling.  Be it our spa in Udaipur or Binsar, your entire session can be customized to help you destress at your own pace. But did you know that the diet immediately after a workout too can help in recovery?

The free radicals released in our body after every workout need to be tamed; if not tended to, they may lead to cell damage. The potentially damaging ones need to be neutralized which may be done with the help of relevant antioxidants. Vitamin C & E are the best antioxidants to consume to tackle the mentioned free radicals. They help in muscle recovery and help you avoid fatigue post a workout.

Read on to know a little more about them:

Vitamin C

vitamin c

The reason why orange juice is highly recommended for breakfast is due to its Vitamin C content. This anti-oxidant is extremely effective against muscle inflammation. Vitamin C is essential to repair any muscle tissue damage, a phenomenon fairly common when one works out regularly. A quick sip or a bite of a Vitamin C source post a workout ensures that muscle recovery starts at the earliest. So, if you have worked out in the morning and are stepping in into our in-house restaurants for a delicious, filling breakfast, do not forget to ask for your source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin E

vitamin e

As a part of eating a balanced meal covering all dietary requirements, you can always choose from dishes and preparation rich in Vitamin E post a heavy workout. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps in repairing skin tissue and slows down the ageing process of your cells. This pushes your cells to stay strong and be loaded with energy before, during and after your intense exercise.

We pride ourselves in creating a menu across all our properties that maintain the important balance between taste and nutrients. We even source our ingredients from our in-house kitchen gardens, creating a healthy, delicious palate for all our guests, a precious quality most Udaipur resorts packages or many hotel chains in India don’t have. On your next stay with us, exercise to your heart’s content without any worrying about recovery. We have your back with our luxurious spa treatments and an antioxidant rich meal!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Why You Need a Plant-Based Diet

Our favourite recipes and food preferences often entice us to travel to new destinations just to savour the local delicacies. The desire to find the palate of our dreams often distracts us from the crucial balance of the ingredients in our diet. In a world where junk food and processed ingredients rule the roost to cause lifestyle based diseases, it is essential to take a step back and introspect on the food intake.

A stay at The Tree of Life, when it comes to wellness, is all about restoring the balance in our lives. By escaping the hectic schedule, you can rejuvenate, unwind, and take a step closer to being the best version of yourself. We take immense pride in our menu that is curated to offer the best of eclectic vegetarian delicacies along with non-vegetarian dishes, covering local as well as international cuisines. Whether dining at our fine dining restaurant Ashtam in Jaipur or at the Waterfront with it’s casual and laidback vibe in Marari Beach villas in Marari Sands, every dish is freshly cooked with organic produce from our very own kitchen gardens!

Needles to mention, plant-based diets are nutritionally rich. They comprise of plenty of vegetables, cereals, legumes, whole fruits, along with small amounts of lean meat and low fat dairy products. It improves immunity by providing the body with the necessary minerals. Read on for its additional benefits that will make you want to add more plants to your diet.

plant based diet

  1. Plants Lower Blood Sugar

One of the best ways to fight high blood sugar is to incorporate higher fiber content in your diet. It absorbs sugar from your bloodstream, helps regulate meal time and also balances cortisol that causes stress.

  1. They Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Plants and saturated sources such as coconut and cacao help you lower your cholesterol. The cholesterol levels are almost non-existent. Fat, for that matter, is necessary but it need not be in excess. If your doctor recommends you a diet change due to high cholesterol, you know what to do!

  1. They Fight High Blood Pressure

Current lifestyles can truly raise your blood pressure. Cut down on red meats and add more plants to keep it in check. A lot of them such as whole grains, legumes, most seeds and nuts are rich sources of potassium & vitamin B6 – elements instrumental in combating high blood pressure.

  1. You lose weight naturally

A diet rich with fiber, vitamin and minerals rather than fats and proteins will to help you to naturally shed those extra kilos without having to starve yourselves. Well cooked foods help with effective nutrient absorption. So don’t forget to try out our fresh salads and vegetarian dishes when staying with us.

We look forward to welcoming you!

4 Spectacular Ways to Find Inner Peace amidst Nature

In todays world, it is no surprise that our routines have us by the scruff of the neck. This leads to the emergence of chaos within ourselves and its hard to disagree that whenever talk of a vacation emerges, our minds immediately start dreaming of rediscovering the peace and harmony so vital for our well-being. Someone did say it right: travel and nature heal the mind and the soul.

So, how do you find inner peace when surrounded by the splendour of untouched habitats and unspoilt natural beauty? When you seclude yourself to a beach or mountains with a dense foliage, you get time to reflect and relax. Here are four things you can do thereafter to unshackle yourself and rediscover inner peace amidst nature:

Try yoga at the beach

yoga at beach

The art of yoga and meditation is a gift that keeps on giving. Combine that with the soothing rush of the waves, the cool sensation of the refreshing sea breeze on your skin. And voila, you have yourself a concoction of something blissful. If you happen to be staying at one of the Marari beach hotels, like the Marari Sands, then you can enjoy liberating yoga sessions with certified teachers who will help you to focus, breathe, and experience true peace.

Take a tranquil boat ride

tranquil boat ride

Have you ever tried sky-gazing lying on your back and letting that feeling of the universes grandeur sink in? Imagine that on a boat ride in the backwaters of Kerala. If youre staying at one of the best beach resorts in Kerala, chances are that you will likely have the facility to enjoy the famous house boats that will take you across water canals with nothing but lush green country side on either side. The silence and the soft, repeated paddling of water will hypnotize you and free your mind of any weight you may be carrying.

Explore the rustic surroundings

One way of discovering inner peace is to go sightseeing on foot. Away from the concrete jungles of cities, you experience new sounds, smells and sights. It may be the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, the gushing of streams, the tender forest floor, the echo in the mountains, or sweet fragrance of flowers. In all these moments, you will come to a serene realization of how little of the world youve seen, and how many wonders of nature youre yet to explore.

Spend a day like a local

How does it feel to be living a completely different life for a day? On your next trip into the heart of nature, you can find out the answer by mingling with the locals and getting to learn their ways. This distraction will take you away from your mundane routines, and accomplishing small tasks or trying your hand at something new will give you a sense of achievement and awe that is sure to result in a discovery of an unknown tranquility.

Setting and Achieving Life’s Goals– the Tree of Life Way…

We’re pretty much so caught up in a world full of madness. Over –communicated and over-stimulated. Work, home, family. study, relationships and the continuous insidious call of social media that eats into our lives more than we realise. Is it a wonder then – that the concept of a quiet time where one can be with oneself to pause, reflect, unwind and have a sense of awareness of what is going on in life. And to plan ahead for a life that could make the difference to our sense of self – is virtually non-existent ?
Life-coaches charge fancy amounts for what now seems to be catching on – the phenomenon of setting personal development goals and identifying ways to achieve them. We’ve put together a simplified a goal-planning system which can be broken up into the following three parts and detailed each below :

1. How to choose your life goals
2. How to get there
3. How to keep track of all your goals and actions and your progress

imagesHow to choose life goals
Some of us may know what our life goals are. Some of us may realise those with a bit of quiet contemplation. Some may be fairly clueless as as they have never figured out what their dream is, or what they’d like to accomplish. For them, here are a few suggestions:
1. Take out some time for quiet contemplation.
2. Think about what’s important to you.
3. Think about what you’d like people to say about you when you die.
4. Brainstorm — make a list of all the things you’d like to do in life, things that sound fun and exciting and wonderful, and then choose the best of the list.
5. You don’t have to come up with your life goals right now. You could just think of something you’d like to achieve over the next 6 months to a year, and continue to explore different things until you find your dream.

12558276_136092090107122_1806599967_nHow to get there
If you know your goals, the next question is how to get there. A simple method that’s used often is called backward planning. Here’s how it works:
• Have a clearly defined goal with a clearly defined outcome — you should be able to visualise what it looks like when you’ve accomplished the outcome. Try and be as specific as possible. Quantify it. Put dates to it.
• What is the last thing you’ll need to do to achieve that outcome? If your goal is to publish a book, for example, the last thing you’ll need to do (before the publisher does the layout and design, printing, marketing, etc.) is edit and submit the final draft. Right ?
• What is the thing you’ll need to do just prior before that final step? If we stick to the book example, you might want to get an outside editor to review your draft and give your criticisms and suggestions and edits.
• What is the thing you’ll need to do before that previous step? Keep working backwards – step by step, milestone by milestone until you get to the first step. The first step is what you need to focus on in order to begin. You would need to think of ideas and plots or topics for your book as your first step.

If you follow this plan, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to achieving your goal. Now you just need a way to keep track of your goals and your progress towards them

65895db45dbe8a21578ae32e34584df0How to track and achieve your goals
Track your goals, broken down by into time periods (1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc). with specific goals defined against each time period. You can further simplify this by choosing one to accomplish within the next 12 months. Or even choose a sub-goal of one of your life goals to accomplish in 12 months. And only choose ONE goal.

The key is to maintain focus on your one goal, and to put all your energy into achieving it. Don’t forget it, don’t be distracted from it. Maintain your focus, and you’ll achieve it.

That’s pretty much how the Tree of Life came about to be. Our founder – Himmat Anand had enough and more experience in the business of travel and hospitality under his belt. Having experienced different levels of what is essentially a service business – with focus on people, he had a definitive, experiential, luxury boutique hospitality concept that he wished to bring alive. One that would be different from everything that had existed so far.

And so the goals were created and set.

Infinity Pool at nightAnd the Tree of Life Resorts began to take shape. Brick by brick. Idea by idea. Detail by detail. Locations away from the city amidst nature and serenity. Creatively designed expansive guest spaces. Cuisine that would be personalised to guest tastes but put together in style with wine pairings and a mix of the fresh and exotic. Concept meals that would include creative takes on the special cuisine of the soil. Service that was designed to be discreet yet attentive. And a curated selection of experiences for guests to discover the area, become one with nature and find themselves.

Times were challenging. But the journey continued. Goals were broken into tasks and sub-tasks. With everyone on the team working toward the goal of the creation of the Tree of Life Resort ,Jaipur and its’ opening in 2010.

We’ve come a long way since then. The horizon is wider. The goals change and yet remain the same. The Tree of Life Varanasi is taking shape in time for a Summer 2017 opening. Our second brand – from the Tree Leaf Hospitality series is growing quickly and will move up from its present three properties to six by next summer.

Come, explore our world with us. Experience the fruits of our efforts. How we made dreams come true. Take time out for yourself. Be inspired. Because we believe we are different. And we make a difference.

To the lives of those who we meet. Including yours.

Explore more on read what our guests have to say about us on TripAdvisor.
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Things that make us Happy !

Humans have been trying to discover the secret of happiness for centuries. Being in the business of people and experiences – we believe we do have more than just an idea about people’s moods and what makes them happy.

Read on for how and what we do to make our guests happy ! Because if you are happy – we’re happier !

j4We’re pet-friendly !
Numerous studies have linked pet ownership and interaction with animals to happiness. Spending time with a cat, dog or horse or even elephants is therapeutic, stress-busting and an antidote to loneliness !
Our resorts at Jaipur and Dudhwa welcome our guests’ four-legged family.

indian-thaliWe’ll go by your preferences.
Every day – our MasterChef in residence will visit guests and understand their eating preferences. And craft a personalised menu for them complete with wine pairings. No waiting or fretting at meal times. Just a feast for the eyes and taste-buds.

binExperiences are for everyone.
For those who can manage them. And for those who are challenged. We’re proud to have escorted a guest on a wheelchair to a special spot ahead of the Tree of Life at Binsar – from where she was able to get an unparalleled view of the Kumaon Himalayas.

14607141_1792788257628565_1795781927320420352_nSafaris that earn bragging rights.
When our naturalists and safari guides go the extra mile and ensure you catch the King of the Jungle in his habitat.

Wellness for well-being.
At the Tree of Life Jaipur – our signature wellness offerings consist of soft treks, jungle walks, guided yoga and meditation sessions and our spa offerings for individuals and couples. Both available at our Spa or in the comfort and privacy of the garden area of your villa.

But most of all – the entire experience of the Tree of Life is what counts. Different things make different guests happy.


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And call to book on +91 9602091000 / 2000. Because we’d like to continue spreading happiness.

The Case for Photography. In Black & White.

The phone camera has changed our lives. It’s turned us into gourmands, explorers, and occasionally even voyeurs ! With images becoming ubiquitous and run-of-the-mill – it’s the rare one that stops our tracks and merits a second and third look. And most people shoot regular colour photographs – while black-and-white photography is considered a thing of the past.
However, there is an increasing tribe of both amateur and professional photographers who choose to shoot monochromatic or black and white images. And manage to make a great statement. These black-and-white images showcase intense and raw emotions of people and amazing landscapes that take on a different character that does not come across through colour photos.
Black-and-white photographs bring out light and shadow, pattern and texture. It is an art that merits attention to equipment, process, composition, tonality and lighting. So if you’re looking to break away from the norm and looking to shoot striking black and white images – read on for our secret sauce tips and tricks ! You can of course – shoot using your phones or cameras of all kinds !

Shoot in Black and White
Because shooting in colour and then converting them in to black and white during editing is time consuming and doesn’t really get the best results.
6-copy-2Digital and phone cameras have a black-and-white preset opton. So you get to see your composed image and shoot it in black and white. Pro tip : Shoot using your camera’s RAW format using the black and white preset for increased control and quality. You can also shoot on Auto or Intelligent Auto Modes if you are not comfortable using manual settings on your camera.

Shoot at the lowest ISO Setting
Shooting on a high ISO generates image ‘noise’. Pro tip : It is preferable to shoot at your lowest ISO setting. That will enable you to get a sharp image with slight noise rather than a noiseless shot in which your subject is not clear.

prisShoot on Dull Days
Pro tip : Those dull, grey winter days are the best time for capturing great-quality, black-and-white photos. The effect is soft and mellow as the light surrounds subjects smoothly and gently..

Visualise in Black and White
Pro tip : Try to imagine your subject in black and white and you can manage some amazing black-and-white shots. With great of shadows and contrasts, lines and shapes. It can actually lead to an entirely different way to shoot a particular subject.


Keep it Natural

If you are shooting nature or landscapes – it is considered best to shoot at dawn or dusk when the sun is low and the light is even and soft. With black and white photography – you flip the principle on its head. Pro tip : To get great black-and-white photos, it is best to take photos during the middle of the day.

Black-and-white pictures are great when they are shot informally. These are some simple steps any expert or novice photographer can take for achieving great black and white images. More effects and achievements await as long as you keep experimenting.


The Tree of Life Resorts are a photographers’ delight – with their off the beaten track locations, expansive spaces and aesthetically designed spaces – both exterior and interior. Our world takes on a different hue in black and white. Experience it first in colour. And then imprint it on your consciousness in black and white. Explore more on read what our guests have to say about us on TripAdvisor.
And call us to book on +91 9602091000 / 2000.