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5 Great Reasons to be at Dudhwa

The time to be at Dudhwa is now. The season for some great wildlife spotting and indulgent living is between October & May. Only if you set up camp at the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge. If you’re still looking for reasons to go beyond quiet, luxurious living in a heritage Safari Lodge with all the style and service of days of yore coupled with signature cuisine and curated experiences – here they are :




# 1

Unlike it’s more famous cousin – Corbett, the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is off the beaten track. So that means less waiting time to get into the park and endless amounts of peace and quiet. And more opportunities to spot.


# 2

You’ll earn bragging rights if you manage to spot the Tiger .The forest is famous for its Tiger Reserve and it has one of the largest population of tigers in India. Tigers were reintroduced into this forest through the efforts of the great conservationist ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh. If you don’t – there’s always next time. And there’s also the one-horned rhino up for spotting. The only place where you can see it outside of Assam.



Located in the naturally lush Terai region of Uttar Pradesh – and a hop skip and jump from the Nepal border, Dudhwa has about 150 sq. km. of elephant grassland and about 20 natural lakes that are home to bird life, aquatic life and more. More to see, more to experience.


c# 4

There are around 1500 species of of birds in South Asia and 450 of them can be found in Dudhwa. The critically endangered Bengal Bustard or Bengal Florican can be found in Dudhwa, too. It is believed that there are only 1000 of them alive right now. Bird-watching of the feathered variety is at its best.



Experience the Tharus. A primitive, peace loving tribe who choose to remain in their space and not assimilate with the outside world. They are also in a sense the caretakers of the forest. Yet warm and welcoming if you choose to stop by to experience a different world

Dudhwa beckons. Call us on +91 9602091000 / 2000 to book. Or mail us on Or log on to .


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