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5 Travel Resolutions You Can Actually Keep !

This is the year when you can make travel a priority in your life. And travel that’s not just travel. But something that creates special memories for a lifetime. Because of what you did. Or didn’t. And while you’re at it – do take all the days off that are due to you. How does accumulating them help, anyway ?

Here’s a quick look at five ways we’re resolving to travel better in this year.


I will do absolutely nothing
Junk the guides, the things-to-do lists, the reviews Find your space. Settle yourself in there. And do absolutely 12469350_1184074981617497_2856116702133040123_onothing. Do not move. Gaze endlessly at the vista in front of you. De-clutter. De-stress. Just be. Your body, mind and soul will be truly grateful.





I will leave my devices behind
Yes – we know you want to capture it all for posterity and12466076_1184075198284142_1307809787758362567_o for your grandkids. How about capturing it with your mind’s eye first ? And with the rest of your senses ? Trust us – the colours and sensations cannot be matched by anything in this world. Including the world’s best camera. Let your five senses free. So that when you reminisce – you can almost feel the warmth of the blanket you lay cuddled in. You can see the dancing of the flames in thefireplace. As you inhale the fragrance of wood-smoke – you may even feel liquid velvet malt gliding over your taste buds.


I will try something new
12400799_1184076151617380_7828427550219539846_nWhile you may want to just be – the option of making a new discovery is also enticing. New places. New people. New experiences. Ever tried your hand at the potter’s wheel and challenged yourself to mould and create your own piece of earth? Or have you ever bathed with the elephants ? There are a world of experiences waiting to be discovered. All it needs is an open mind..






I will connect with local people
The people are those that make a place what it is. 12507382_1184076631617332_5479143315030291966_nMake it a point to see, greet, talk to those who you come across. You’d be surprised to see what you gain from the wisdom and knowledge of another person. And possibly discover karmic connections, too !





12417942_1184077004950628_7816223061185943190_nI will actually look up

The night sky is something that we city-slickers hardly ever get to see. A clear night with the stars for company is worth its weight in platinum. Go back to the times when you could actually spot the Pole Star. Or look out for a brightly twinkling Venus. Be astonished by the realisation that the light of the stars you are seeing today – actually set out on its travel to you thousands of years ago.

It’s not difficult if you set your mind and heart to it. These Resolutions are ones which you can make for keeps. Not for this year alone. Happy Travelling !

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