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Amazing Option To Spend Your Leisure Time

A few days remain before your child gets back to school. If you have not gone for a vacation yet or if they are getting bored and you don’t have the time to go far, then an option near you is available. About 222 km north of Lucknow at the foothills of the Himalayas is Dudhwa National Park. It helps in maintaining the ecological balance of this region.

For nature lovers and those who want to spend a little time away from city, this is the best option. The weather is apt for you to travel along with your family. If you are worrying about the accommodation, then remember that you don’t have to. Away from the city noise and pollution is a nice hotel that will cater to your needs while you plan to show your kids the wildlife of this region.

The hotel has a number of facilities. To begin with, let’s discuss the accommodation facilities. They have three luxury rooms covering 650 sq.ft. Each room has a dining area, living area and a fire place. The bathrooms are extremely spacious. The interiors of this hotel are antique and will mesmerise you. Rooms are designed in such a manner that they face either the private courtyard or the terrace. If you do not like the luxury rooms, luxury suites are obtainable. If this does not please you, then you have the option of staying in a 800 sq.ft villa or ‘Jhallas’. Each comes with a large sitting area, a bedroom and a well appointed bathroom. It has a unique air conditioning accommodation.


The cuisine they offer includes a variety of Indian and continental food. Their main aim is to serve fresh and delicious delicacies. Another existing thing about this hotel is that they offer an opportunity to cook your meal all by yourself with chef being your assistant.

For your relaxation, they have a spa crafted in ‘Terai’ style. The roof of this is 40 feet high thatched with amazing bamboo pattern and natural bricks wall. There are also a number of places to look around. The library in itself is a centre of attraction. For your kids to have fun, the hotel is equipped with a swimming pool.
So, travelling to Dudhwa for a getaway is a good idea as Dudhwa National Park hotels are amazing and the wildlife is unique in itself.

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