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Being the Change We Want to See

We believe we are one with our land. The land of our nation and it’s microcosm that we inhabit at the village of Kacherawala Kukas where The Tree of Life Resort & Spa is located, just outside the city of Jaipur.

Having lovingly and painstakingly built the resort property with the support of the inhabitants of the area – we’re proud to count them as an intrinsic part of our Tree of Life family. Sharing our joys, sorrows and challenges. As we work and grow together – we have come across several ups and downs in their lives. Especially those that pertain to their children – specifically the daughters.

Our society is still male dominated – especially in our smaller towns and villages. Sons continue to get preference over daughters, be it in education, upbringing or opportunity. Our story dates back to the year 2007 – when our founder, Himmat Anand came across labourers from the village who could not afford to send their daughters to school. He took it upon himself to ensure that these young girls would be financially supported by the Resort in completing their education through school and college.

And thus the Balika Foundation came into being. The name “ Balika “ means a young girl child in Hindi. At the Foundation – we ensure that the girl children of the area around the resort are provided quality education through school and college.

hamsaWe believe that providing these girls with basic education is a simple assurance that will enable their independence. They will be able to make better choices for themselves rather than depend on those around them. As educated, happy, healthy girls – they would lead a better quality of life as a worker, parent and a citizen of our country.

We’re delighted to share that our girls are empowering their lives with their education. The story of Hansa is one that we are so proud of. She lost her father some 15 years ago and her mother – Dappu, who now works at the resort, was pulling Hansa out of school for financial reasons when the foundation stepped in. Little Hansa made the most of the opportunity and grew to love biology and decided to become a nurse. Today she is on the verge of completing her guddinursing training and stepping out into the world.

Then there are Guddi and Priya – whose parents were part  of the team that built the resort. Currently in high school, they both love studying English and want to be teachers when they grow up !priya
We’re delighted that with a little bit of support the lives of our children are changing. And we’re proud and happy to be part of the change. And making it happen.

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