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The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Road Trip.

A road trip to the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is well worth the 430 odd km distance from Delhi. For it’s the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge that awaits at the end of the 9 plus hour journey. Which becomes the base for your safaris, local excursions, curated experiences and a place where can forget one’s daily drudgery and play Lord of the Manor.

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve consists of  verdant grasslands,  dense ‘sal’ forests and swampy marshes. While the northern edge of the Park lies along the Indo-Nepal border, the River Suheli marks the southern boundary.
The Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge awaits at the end of a long but fulfilling drive. Set amidst sugarcane and mustard fields, this is a private heritage property, built in the 1940’s and used by the British as a hunting lodge. You can imagine it to be your own private, luxurious manor with caring and attentive staff to attend to you !

12356426_1539504513033605_1316061873_n (2)A Tiger Reserve since 1879, Dudhwa became a National Park in 1977 and adopted the Project Tiger in 1988. Although the Tigers at the Park are numerous, sightings are can be a challenge – due to the thick sal forest cover of the area. Besides Tigers, Leopards, Hispid Hares, Swamp Deer (Barasingha) and Rhinos thrive amidst the vegetation. The reserve is also home to a major rhinoceros rehabilitation project which was started since these forests had been the habitat of the rhinoceros 150 years ago.
The birds at Dudhwa National Park in particular, are a delight for any avid bird watcher. The marshlands are especially inviting for about 400 species of resident and migratory birds including the Swamp Partridge, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Bengal Florican, plenty of painted storks, sarus cranes, owls, barbets, woodpeckers, minivets and many more. Much of the park’s avian fauna is aquatic in nature, and is found around Dudhwa’s lakes.
BarThere are a host of curated experiences for you to choose from during your stay. Become One with the Earth where you ride a tractor and till the fields in the nearby village. Experience Sundowners at a special terrace space created at the edge of the marsh. Let the place work its magic to the accompaniment of your favourite beverages. Hop across the nearby Indo-Nepal border. Cross over and spend time at our neighbours’ sampling local cuisine and shopping for trinkets.

12558276_136092090107122_1806599967_nOr ditch everything for our one-of-a-kind spa offering – one that includes a full-day couples’ spa experience over a relaxed day at out spa location and its surrounds – all done at your own pace and time.

We’re opening for the season November 16th onwards. That’s pretty much the best time to experience the charms of the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge and the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Don’t miss out this chance to experience the joys of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge.


Call  +91 9602091000 / 9602092000 or e mail unwind@treeofliferesorts com to book.


Weekend Getaways at the Tree of Life

All of us love taking long holidays to exotic places – and while that level of excitement and adventure ( do we even end up resting on these trips ? ) may be awesome – they also are expensive and take up time which a lot of us find it difficult to account for. That’s when a weekend getaway is all you need to have a fun, memorable, and rejuvenating experience !

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan your next weekend getaway with us at the Tree of Life !

Weekend Getaway Planner !

Weekend Getaway Planner !


Decide on the number of days for your weekend getaway
A minimum of two nights ? Extra nights over and above are a bonus. They help cover travel time. Or give you more time at your destination. Long weekends with official holidays prefixed or suffixed are obvious choices. The flip side is that rooms get sold out ahead of time at premium prices and you run the risk of bumping into friends and neighbours even on holiday !
You may want to head out on a regular weekend with a couple of extra days added on. Think of the delight as you wake up on a holiday Monday with everyone else at work !

Post bicycling expedition bliss

Post bicycling expedition bliss




Get a fix on how far you’d like to go on your weekend getaway
Travel time and mode is a function of this decision. And then the challenge of bookings by rail or by air need to be factored in. Unless you can swing last minute tickets. Else driving holidays may just be your ticket. No pun intended. We offer you a choice – drive down weekend getaways are yours of choose to go to Tree of Life Jaipur or Tree of Life Binsar. A short flight or a Shatabdi Express journey to Lucknow will take you to within three hours driving distance from the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve


Splash out at the Tree of Life Jaipur


Figure what you’d like to do on your weekend getaway. And with whom.
Choices, choices and more choices. How active or lazy ? Family ? Extended family ? Friends ? Solo ? Couple ? Mountains ? Water ? Activities ? Cuisine ? Nature ? Experiences ?  R & R ?

017_Outdoor Villa Spa

Outdoor Couples Spa Treatment in your own Villa

Pick and choose carefully. Keeping in mind tastes, moods and preferred level of activity. So that there is no scope for disappointment later. You’ll be spoilt for choice with us. Book a pool villa with us and relax at your own private pool. Or enjoy outdoor spa treatments at your own villa premises. Experience time-out with Elephants at the nearby village – with their trainers. Bathe and play with them and listen to their stories from their handlers. Or walk through jungle trails and spot wildlife and bird life with our resident naturalist. Trek to unforgettable mountain views. Go out on a jungle safari and get a chance to see the big cats and rhinos up close and personal. And when you think you’ve done enough – there is always our discreetly attentive service and signature cuisine – customised to your preferences by our resident MasterChef.


13116722_995849253801989_228203158_nPlan your weekend getaway with a budget
Of course – if budgets are not a constraint then go and do things at your own pace and at your own time. If not – then let us offer you our special summer tariffs – across all our locations. Book a curated luxury summer holiday with us and you can get discounts of up to Rs 4,000 per night plus a host of other special offers*. If you’re planning a destination event with a medium sized group of guests ( between 20 – 45 pax ) then please do connect with us for our extra special rates and add-ons.

Happy Weekend Getaways get even better ! Only at the Tree of Life !

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*T&C apply

PS – Do read what our guests have to stay about weekend getaways with us at Binsar Dudhwa Jaipur – they tell you like it is !

Experience Luxury at India’s Best Villas

‘Luxury’ is defined from a subjective perspective because for some individuals this equates to a high rise tower penthouse suite decked out in gold and satin. For others this term defines privacy in a secluded location surrounded by nature and modern accommodation. No matter how you define luxury the Tree of Life Resort and Spa is the ideal location to plan for your next vacation.

This boutique hotel in Jaipur offers five-star dining at their restaurant or in-room dining along with private spas and pools directly outside your villa door, state of the art amenities in the living areas and multiple activities to choose from. You can find this resort hidden away in the greenery of the Indian countryside about 30 minutes from the city giving tourists easy access to everything that they could want to see and experience while touring the country.


Boutique hotels are locations with limited space that provide an intimate and private experience for guests by offering top quality service in a unique style. This resort hosts 13 villas in total that can accommodate a family or two couples per villa so that you can come on your own or have plenty of space for a small group. Activities include bike riding, hiking, visiting local villages and schools, helping residents with daily tasks to experience the culture, playing with the elephants and taking a drive into the city for souvenir shopping and a taste of what they have to offer. At the end of a long day, you can relax and soak in your private spa or pool and let the serenity of nature wash away the dust and cares you have on your mind.

In Jaipur, tourists will be able to see India in its many forms and take advantage of the culture through visual stimulation and participation. Find boutique hotel in Jaipur that provides the perfect retreat for a romantic getaway for a couple or take the family on vacation and show the kids a new world that they have never seen before outside of the movies. No matter what your reason for being there is, make sure you book your reservations early to get a spot at a favorite destination.

It’s Season Time at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve !

As the weather transforms from mild to warm, leading in to summer – it’s season time for us ! As temperatures still range from cold during night time to warm in daytime – this is the best time to be at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve !

The Dudhwa Tiger reserve

Tiger spotted ! At the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

It’s the time when wildlife sightings and experiences go up exponentially ! That’s because the tigers who have been roaming around outside the park – amidst sugarcane fields, are now back into the protected areas in the reserve. Rising temperatures are transforming the parks’ watering holes – where the animals get together for a refreshing drink after a long , hot day. There is hence much to see and experience in one single location, alone !
The annual summer migration of birds has ensured great sightings of migratory birds inside the parks. Recent guests at the Tree of Life Jaagir lodge have been delighted to experience the best of Dudhwa’s wildlife – including Tigers with Cubs, Leopards, Fishing Cats ( an endangered species), the Bengal Florican ( a critically endangered species), Great Hornbills, Indian Otters, Jungle Cats, huge groups of Wild Elephants and of course, the star attraction of Dudhwa – One Horned Rhinos, this time with new born calves ! We recently had a guest stay with us in on their honeymoon who saw 11 Rhinos with 2 calves during one of their Elephant Safaris. I guess this was the Rhino’s way of wishing them a happy married life ahead !

Swamp-Deer or Barasingha at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Swamp-Deer or Barasingha at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

In our latest report from the ground, there’s much action taking place at the adjoining, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary’s main water hole – Jaadi Tal. It is playing host to herds of BaraSinghas ( Swamp Deer ) who spend their afternoons lazing around in the water. This of course, is attracting the Tigers who are frequently seen stalking their prey from a distance.
The birds of Kishapur are promising this season as we are having regular sightings of Spoonbills, Grey Headed Fish Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Pelicans and the Bengal Florican. Not to forget the Crocodiles and Leopards who have been keeping us company this season.

The nearby Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary carries the reputation – “where rare is common” and it’s living up to that promise in style. In our recent boat safaris -, we have had fantastic sightings of Wild Elephants, South Asian River Dolphins, Gharials and Indian Skimmers. During the jeep Safaris in this area, our guests have managed to see Leopards and Tigers as well. We’ve even done extra safaris on jeeps and on boats to enable maximum sightings for our guests !

Safari Joys !

Safari Joys !

The bonus ? Apart from the protected areas, sightings in and around the Lodge have improved tremendously as well. Our dedicated and highly experienced naturalists have been able to identify areas within walking distance of the Lodge where one can see Indian Otters, Nesting Birds, Wolves and also identify Tiger Trails through the sugarcane fields !

And once you’re done with life of the four-legged and feathered variety – the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge offers spaces, service and cuisine for you to unwind in style. For this is really the best time to be here !

Dudhwa beckons. Make it happen.

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Going Wild at Binsar

You won’t find the usual suspects here. Simply because there is no town or village by the name Binsar. It’s off the power grid – so you won’t find telly or hot showers or sundry mod cons. Connectivity, too, will be patchy. Which is great if you’re looking to lose yourself and find another part of you – far, far away from dull, dusty everyday reality.

Binsar is actually a wildlife sanctuary, spread over an area of 47 sq. kms located deep in the Himalayan foothills in the Kumaon region. Designated as a sanctuary as late as the year 1988, for the protection and conservation of the broad leaf oak (Quercus) forests in the area, Binsar is known for its amazing views of the Himalayas and of course its wildlife, flora and fauna.

Here’s what you can look forward to at Binsar :

The rhododendron flower in full bloom

The rhododendron flower in full bloom

Quiet, dense forests – with pine and oak trees. This is rhododendron season – so the place is awash with vivid red flowers – so it all looks rather surreal.

Wildlife sighting opportunities are aplenty – and include the Leopard, Himalayan Goral, Deer, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Red Fox, Monkey, Langur, Flying Squirrel, Pine Marten, Jackal, Porcupine and more. Not to forget a large number of reptiles and a wide range of butterflies.

Birdwatchers will be in Paradise – as Binsar hosts more than 200 plus species of migratory and resident birds. Rare feathered species here include Forktail, Blackbirds, Laughing Thrush, Kalij Pheasant, Nuthatches, Parakeets and Monal Apar The sanctuary has been declared as an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International.

Post bicycling expedition bliss

Post bicycling expedition bliss

Jungle walks and light treks – criss cross the forest and enable you to soak in the atmosphere and be one with the world around you. You have the option of venturing out on your own or be accompanied by our Naturalist guide.

Experience life – the way it is lived in the region. We offer curated experiences that create memories of the nicest kind. The trek to Zero Point or ‘Jhandi Dhaar’, which is is the highest point in Binsar takes you to a high of around 7,800 feet, through oak and rhododendron forests. Spot birds and wildlife along the way. And once you reach – soak in unparalleled views of the Himalays. Close enough for you to almost touch them ! The Village Walk is another treasure where you descend through a mixed
coniferous forest and reach the quaint little village of Katdhrara. Soak in the village life, watch the terraced fields and see traditional architecture of houses with slated roofs, unique to Kumaon.


Or just revel – in the views and the quietude at the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar. Originally built by the British – it was the summer residence of Sir Henry Ramsay and administrative centre as he was the Commissioner of Kumaon. Today – a proud part of the Tree of Life.

If you’d like to be at the Tree of Life Binsar and experience this breathtaking resort with our curated experiences, signature cusine, discreet yet attentive service call us on +91 9602091000 / 2000 or mail or log onto

Five Reasons to be at the Tree of Life, Binsar

Not many folk have Binsar on their travel list.   Nestled deep in the Kumaon Himalayas  – the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary – is a slice of heaven and a great option as the weather in the plains gets warmer and more uncomfortable..


We give you five reasons why the Tree of Life Binsar must be on your go-to list for this summer !


5It’s Completely off the Beaten Track.

And it is the only resort that’s located deep in the middle of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Expect complete peace and quiet as you get away from it all. No noisy crowds, no crass commercial trappings. No TV. Limited electricity powered by our in-house solar farm since we’re off the grid. Nothing except you and your own. Or yours.


A Fabulous Heritage Experience

Originally known as the Grand Oak Manor – this charming 150 year old heritage property that harks back to the times of the British – can make you feel as if you’re in your very own luxuriously personal space. Lord of the Manor feel is pretty much guaranteed.


6 Much to Do. Or Nothing.

You can simply do nothing. Or something. Like sitting there and gazing into the endless vistas of the Kumaon Himalayas that are so beautifully visible from where are. Blue so blue that it stretches into infinity. Held together by snow-clad spires that seem close enough to reach out and touch. The time is still great for some crystal clear views.



Walk, Don’t Run

Pristine forests of pine, oak and cedar, hide endless trails and pathways that criss-cross inside the jungle.Binsar is also a great favourite with Birdwatchers. It has been declared an important Bird Area by BirdLife International with over 200 species seen, including Tits, Forktail, Nuthatches, Blackbirds, Parakeets, Laughingthrush, Magpies, Kalij Pheasant, Monal, Koklas , Eagles, Woodpeckers and more. Not to forget Reptiles and Invertebrates including a wide range of Butterflies.


2009_04_17_TOL_DDunning (20)The Signature Tree of Life Experience

One that’s luxurious and very personalised. We’re always on the look out for ways and means to make your visit extra memorable – while letting you set the pace and tone for your experience with us.  No detail is too small. No effort is too little for our highly trained team. Whether it is creating a special experience on a birthday with no prior request or a special effort to escort a wheelchair bound guest across what could have been a difficult trail to a spot from where she was able to get a pristine, unbroken view of the Himalayas. Our Signature Cuisine from our in-house Master Chef who will create Culinary Choices at your bidding. Our Curated Experiences that bring you in touch with local culture, food, and village life. Every day is a new day. Every day is a new adventure.


So that’s pretty much our list of goodies that can come your way with your experience at the Tree of Life, Binsar. And grab your slice of heaven – book now and ahead of time to prevent disappointment.


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