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Things that make us Happy !

Humans have been trying to discover the secret of happiness for centuries. Being in the business of people and experiences – we believe we do have more than just an idea about people’s moods and what makes them happy.

Read on for how and what we do to make our guests happy ! Because if you are happy – we’re happier !

j4We’re pet-friendly !
Numerous studies have linked pet ownership and interaction with animals to happiness. Spending time with a cat, dog or horse or even elephants is therapeutic, stress-busting and an antidote to loneliness !
Our resorts at Jaipur and Dudhwa welcome our guests’ four-legged family.

indian-thaliWe’ll go by your preferences.
Every day – our MasterChef in residence will visit guests and understand their eating preferences. And craft a personalised menu for them complete with wine pairings. No waiting or fretting at meal times. Just a feast for the eyes and taste-buds.

binExperiences are for everyone.
For those who can manage them. And for those who are challenged. We’re proud to have escorted a guest on a wheelchair to a special spot ahead of the Tree of Life at Binsar – from where she was able to get an unparalleled view of the Kumaon Himalayas.

14607141_1792788257628565_1795781927320420352_nSafaris that earn bragging rights.
When our naturalists and safari guides go the extra mile and ensure you catch the King of the Jungle in his habitat.

Wellness for well-being.
At the Tree of Life Jaipur – our signature wellness offerings consist of soft treks, jungle walks, guided yoga and meditation sessions and our spa offerings for individuals and couples. Both available at our Spa or in the comfort and privacy of the garden area of your villa.

But most of all – the entire experience of the Tree of Life is what counts. Different things make different guests happy.


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Celebrating Friendship – Tree of Life Style

In our fast-paced world and one which sees rapidly changing lifestyles, attitudes and people – our relationships are also victim of the change. And sometimes it’s good. Mostly it isn’t.

Your relationships are by what a lot of people will evaluate you. Personally and professionally, too.  It’s psychological – because we are incredibly quick to judge people on the basis of appearances.

Since we live in times that are now incredibly me-centric, a lot of us are more about what we aren’t getting out of life. And that includes our relationships.  We believe there’s nothing really wrong with wanting something and having it. After all – we can give more of ourselves if we are content with what we have, right ? But the chances of making that happen increase exponentially when we make the effort and begin the giving process ourselves rather than waiting for the other person to do so.

So here’s what we think you could do to make your most important relationship – your happiest and most meaningful one. With a bit of help from us.

13531870_1127243767332162_228221248_nIt all comes down to being each other’s best friends. And you needn’t have only one best friend – there could be others too. A network or a support system of good friends who play different roles and come in to complete different parts of you and your life are a great way to stay sane. A spouse or a partner may be no less. Or even be first among equals.

One way to do it is to list out the qualities you’d want in an ideal friend. Nothing is too small or trivial to not be on that list – if it matters to you.

Next up – become that person ! Psychologist John Gottman has spent years researching what makes relationships flourish or fall apart. He found that lasting relationships come down to friendship. Couples who stay together make a conscious effort to connect, share interests, and meet their spouse’s emotional needs. So if you feel you or your partner need a break – get away to the Tree of Life to just be yourselves.  That’s a great setting to keep friendships in the pink of health.

015_Villa sit-out copyBe as active or as lazy as you wish. Spend quality time away from commitments and connectivity !  Score our Pool Villas at the Tree of Life, Jaipur for the ultimate in personal spaces. Our personalised cuisine on offer – will make fine-dining a memorable co-created experience between you and our MasterChef with his talented team.

We’re also a great place for groups of friends to meet and re-live the most significant times of their lives. With just 13 villas spread out over 7 acres of space in Jaipur – it’s a great place to host intimate reunions, celebrate anniversaries or any day that matters. And create a lifetime of memories.

13745146_1403274473032814_329483544_nIrrespective of how long it takes to achieve it – let’s not forget – Friendships are like gardens; they must be cultivated and invested in. The key is to be consistent and persistent—without expectations. It’s amazing what can happen when we assume the best, give our best and and stay meaningfully engaged with those who matter. After all – our world is a reflection of who we are and what we do. That’s physics and not some mumbo-jumbo !

So if you believe in that a solid friendship is the foundation of everything – head over to the Tree of Life. Celebrate Friendship with us this coming Friendship Day that falls on August 7th, 2016.

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Why Monsoon Holidays Are Better !

The Monsoons are on their way. And this is really the best time to head out for the holiday you’ve been promising yourself.

After all – it feels great heading out when the rest of the world is done and dusted with their holidays and back to their grind.

It’s also the time when places empty out. So you don’t run the risk of bumping into the world when all you wanted was to get away from it in the first place !

Serene surroundingsAnd let’s face it – the monsoon that’s away from the urban chaos and muck is the season that one must savour. It’s a different world – much like the ones we would experience in our childhood. With clean, lush surroundings, puddles that one can jump in, breeze that cools the soul and skies that promise heaven.  And you can even recreate your favourite monsoon memory – floating paper boats or serenading your partner Bollywood style – the choice is yours !

The monsoon in India is believed to cleanse and regenerate the earth and its people. It is also key to India’s agriculture sector, enabling the growth of crops and driving stock markets ! And apart from bringing down temperatures, the monsoon also lowers room rates for travelers, turning India into a great off-season destination.

16The Tree of Life is transformed and beautifully so by the monsoon. Imagine yourself playing Lord of the Manor at the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar at our fabulous perch above the valley and yet right in the middle of the Binsat Wildlife Sanctuary, with heritage  rooms, personalised signature cuisine and our award winning service ! Get away from it all – while the resort is still open for the season.

Infinity Pool at nightAnd what can one say about our fabulous Tree of Life Jaipur ? With just 13 villas in  a lush, green valley in the middle of the Aravalis – create your own personal space to experience the joy of this monsoon. Where else can you swim in your own personal pool as it pours ? Or indulge in spa treatments right in your villa itself – either indoor or outdoor with the monsoon breeze for company. If you enjoy getting wet – then trek in the surrounding hills or go say hello to the elephants in the nearby village. And of course – our MasterChef in residence will whip up whatever your heart desires – all served by our staff that has won us accolades for their service – year after year.

Monsoon time is now holiday time. At the Tree of Life !

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Experience Luxury at India’s Best Villas

‘Luxury’ is defined from a subjective perspective because for some individuals this equates to a high rise tower penthouse suite decked out in gold and satin. For others this term defines privacy in a secluded location surrounded by nature and modern accommodation. No matter how you define luxury the Tree of Life Resort and Spa is the ideal location to plan for your next vacation.

This boutique hotel in Jaipur offers five-star dining at their restaurant or in-room dining along with private spas and pools directly outside your villa door, state of the art amenities in the living areas and multiple activities to choose from. You can find this resort hidden away in the greenery of the Indian countryside about 30 minutes from the city giving tourists easy access to everything that they could want to see and experience while touring the country.


Boutique hotels are locations with limited space that provide an intimate and private experience for guests by offering top quality service in a unique style. This resort hosts 13 villas in total that can accommodate a family or two couples per villa so that you can come on your own or have plenty of space for a small group. Activities include bike riding, hiking, visiting local villages and schools, helping residents with daily tasks to experience the culture, playing with the elephants and taking a drive into the city for souvenir shopping and a taste of what they have to offer. At the end of a long day, you can relax and soak in your private spa or pool and let the serenity of nature wash away the dust and cares you have on your mind.

In Jaipur, tourists will be able to see India in its many forms and take advantage of the culture through visual stimulation and participation. Find boutique hotel in Jaipur that provides the perfect retreat for a romantic getaway for a couple or take the family on vacation and show the kids a new world that they have never seen before outside of the movies. No matter what your reason for being there is, make sure you book your reservations early to get a spot at a favorite destination.

How to Throw an Unforgettable Destination Party

It’s not just about Destination Weddings. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, Reunions all call for something beyond the obvious.


Imagine a long weekend-themed- birthday bash culminating in a private musical soirée. In between allow for spa treatments to refresh. Or curated experiences that allow your guests to be one with the earth. Topped off by personalised cuisine options for guests – decided in consultations with our Resident Chef.


Or an-anniversary-for-two experience deep in the heart of the mountains. Long walks in the jungle beckon. A champagne lunch by a gurgling mountain stream. Long, quiet evenings with candlelight for company. And there’s more. Depending only on what you have in mind.

Compared to a local one night celebration, a destination party allows enables guests to relax, unwind and share more celebration time. Exotic locales, our resorts and standards can create truly memorable experiences for you and help perhaps even cross an item off your travel bucket list.


Here’s how we make it happen !



We’ll suggest a great location


Depending upon your celebration and the number of guests you’re inviting ad how active you wish them to be – we’ll suggest Tree of Life options for you. Location plus activities. That’s your bonus !


We help you plan


As your resident experts who know it all – our feet-on-the-resort and on-the-ground will help you plan your party with the best of local resources. Or set them up for you from multiple loca
tions and sources if need
be. Décor, entertainment, service, experiences – you can have it all.


We’ll help pick a theme


Two heads are better than one. So our creative thinkers will suggest a theme that can be as offbeat as you wish. Or set things apart even within a tried and tested option


cWe’ll help you make it different


After all you’re creating memories for life, right ? Differences can be so real. Yet ephemeral. Or come to life as only it can be with us.


We’ll go into the details


That’s where God lies. Goodie bags, social sharing, fabric, flowers, music, interactions and more. Down to the smallest one.


We love to flex our grey matter, crank up our creative juices and plunge right into creating your next destination party. Make it happen. Call us or e mail us today.

+91 9602091000 / 2000


The Design Principle

Good design has many forms. And definitions. Well known designer Dieter Rams once remarked “ Good design is as little design as possible ” Also known for his work in designing for Braun – this minimalistic approach to design ultimately inspired his design for the iPhone.



Design has often been associated with high-end, one-of-a-kind or limited edition products. What the conspicuous consumer aspires to. Something that can be owned and flaunted. A new car with a futuristic appearance ? The shoe that flaunts a glittering sole ? A quirky heel ? Or a watch with a diamond bezel winking back at you ? Entire industries may thrive on these – but design is much more than just products.

Design Aesthetics at the Tree of Life, Jaipur

Design Aesthetics at the Tree of Life, Jaipur


Maverick genius Steve Jobs was spot on when he said “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But, of course, if you dig deeper, its how it really works” The Big Daddy of our times – had hit upon the something huge. That design is not really just about the surface product. It is also about the experience. It is something that goes beyond what we think we are paying for. It is about how that something makes us feel. Which is why you have serpentine queues for days, ahead of a new iPhone launch. Or the breathless anticipation for a Tesla.


We all enjoy the impact of good design – but not everyone has the knowledge, taste and experience to create a world using the principles of great design. At the Tree of Life we take great design extremely seriously. Not just in terms of designing a particular look and feel but also an experience that blends in almost imperceptibly, to create memories for a lifetime.Beginning with our Jaipur property. With just 13 villas spread over 7 plus acres of land – there is enough space within and around each villa to ensure enough and more privacy for a guest to lounge in their personal garden, getting a spa treatment or making a splash in their personal plunge pool or even spending quality time with their four-legged family !


bWhat a lot of our guests do not know is that the Resort has been designed in a traditional style, which was popular in the region around a hundred years ago. Material used in our construction consists of stone and lime plaster. There is hardly any steel, bricks or cement that have been used. The pathways and incline of the resort have also been aligned in a manner so as to safely drain away and harvest water during the rains. The interiors of each villa have been designed around the motif of a flower that blooms in the area. Even the flooring of each villa replicates the motif of that particular flower and gives that particular villa its own name.


The Tree of Life Design is incomplete with its experience. One which is about not just the place but its people. Given our commitment to creating an experience of quiet luxury, we believe that it is our service that completes the Tree of Life design. Be it our curated experiences such as Teach Awhile – where you could teach children for an hour at the local school, Joy with the Elephants where you bond with these gorgeous mammals alongwith their handlers, feed them, frolic with them in the village pond. Or when Chef Mahendra comes by to discuss what you’d like to have for your next meal. No detail is too small to be looked into. The style of the experience design is one where we let our guest set the pace and schedule for the time that we host them and follow their lead in a discreet yet attentive manner.



And that’s the way we create our own and unique Design Principle. Thankfully its Unpatent-able – if there is such a word !