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4 Spectacular Ways to Find Inner Peace amidst Nature

In todays world, it is no surprise that our routines have us by the scruff of the neck. This leads to the emergence of chaos within ourselves and its hard to disagree that whenever talk of a vacation emerges, our minds immediately start dreaming of rediscovering the peace and harmony so vital for our well-being. Someone did say it right: travel and nature heal the mind and the soul.

So, how do you find inner peace when surrounded by the splendour of untouched habitats and unspoilt natural beauty? When you seclude yourself to a beach or mountains with a dense foliage, you get time to reflect and relax. Here are four things you can do thereafter to unshackle yourself and rediscover inner peace amidst nature:

Try yoga at the beach

yoga at beach

The art of yoga and meditation is a gift that keeps on giving. Combine that with the soothing rush of the waves, the cool sensation of the refreshing sea breeze on your skin. And voila, you have yourself a concoction of something blissful. If you happen to be staying at one of the Marari beach hotels, like the Marari Sands, then you can enjoy liberating yoga sessions with certified teachers who will help you to focus, breathe, and experience true peace.

Take a tranquil boat ride

tranquil boat ride

Have you ever tried sky-gazing lying on your back and letting that feeling of the universes grandeur sink in? Imagine that on a boat ride in the backwaters of Kerala. If youre staying at one of the best beach resorts in Kerala, chances are that you will likely have the facility to enjoy the famous house boats that will take you across water canals with nothing but lush green country side on either side. The silence and the soft, repeated paddling of water will hypnotize you and free your mind of any weight you may be carrying.

Explore the rustic surroundings

One way of discovering inner peace is to go sightseeing on foot. Away from the concrete jungles of cities, you experience new sounds, smells and sights. It may be the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, the gushing of streams, the tender forest floor, the echo in the mountains, or sweet fragrance of flowers. In all these moments, you will come to a serene realization of how little of the world youve seen, and how many wonders of nature youre yet to explore.

Spend a day like a local

How does it feel to be living a completely different life for a day? On your next trip into the heart of nature, you can find out the answer by mingling with the locals and getting to learn their ways. This distraction will take you away from your mundane routines, and accomplishing small tasks or trying your hand at something new will give you a sense of achievement and awe that is sure to result in a discovery of an unknown tranquility.