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Retreat to the Tree of Life

If you’re a spiritual seeker. And are guiding others on to the path – then you are well aware of how spaces and environments can impact the journey that one undertakes. At all stages.

Which is why  the Tree of Life is a great choice for retreats that would work brilliantly for yoga practitioners, mindfulness-seekers,  wellness-lovers and pretty much anyone wanting to get away from the chaos, the stress, the pollution in our lives. Singly. In pairs. Best of all – even in exclusive groups.

035_Meditation & YogaThe Tree of Life Resorts are exclusive, luxury, boutique properties that lend themselves brilliantly to small to medium sized groups of guests ( upto 50 pax ) who want to discover themselves anew. And permanently change their approach to life, for the better.

Located away from urban dazzle – and approached via quiet roads that Google Maps identifies for you , you have a choice of serenading the gentle Aravali hills at Jaipur, grabbing the one spot that affords dazzling views of the Greater Himalayas right in  the middle of the Binsar WildLife Sanctuary and living on the edge – at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

033_Ganesh Abode MeetingThe Tree of Life at Jaipur offers 13 private Spa & Pool Villas, exquisitely furnished with spa-style bathrooms, outdoor showers, private plunge pools and more  – set amidst sprawling greenery across 13 acres. Not to forget the Ganesha Abode that houses our founder’s personal collection of over 65 plus Ganesha idols lovingly collected from all over the world. Or our stunning, trademark infinity pool with our adjoining spa that offers polished spa treatments customised to your lifestyle. At the Tree of Life, Binsar*, lose yourselves in our heritage spaces – think teak-wood lined rooms with crisp linen and dazzling mountain views. Deep in the middle of the sanctuary – where it is quiet to the point of pin-drop silence – but for our discreetly attentive service…

3e5d09094d23072b277254c597a98cb9At the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve** where our Heritage Safari Lodge enables you to be one with the Earth, the Jungle and its inhabitants.

Just the spaces to let go, meditate, unwind or indulge in some well-deserved R & R. Under the gentle guidance of our in-house yoga and wellness masters. Immerse yourself and expand your mind with life-changing philosophies by wise souls. And if you’re the one that guides and teaches – we’d be happy to support you with more.

There’s more that we’ve got up our sleeves. Consider – our personalised cuisine offering that our in-house MasterChef would be delighted to create as per your specific requirements. Vegan ? Organic ? Dosha – specific ? Calorie controlled ? It’s all possible. Or our Curated Experiences – consisting of jungle treks, wildlife safaris and spottings, experiences at local villages and home-stays, bicycling expeditions, visits to local schools and experiences with elephants at the nearby sanctuary are just what are needed to re-connect and ground you into a different reality, altogether.

Ashiyana1Once your day is done – let the dark velvet of the night wrap you in its folds as you let the sensation of just-being – overtake you.

There’s more – but we’d rather you experience it for yourselves !  For customised spiritual, mindfulness wellness holidays and retreats,  custom-created for individuals or exclusive groups – please call us on  +91 9602091000 / 2000 for a detailed discussion with us.


*Opening for the season September 16th

**Opening for the season November 16th

How to Just Be

Learning to work on oneself is a given to deal with today’s world and challenges that come with it. Fitness routines, meditation of all types, motivational and self-help courses abound. And in some cases the support of a life-coach or therapist can be useful.
And the one thing that seems to be coming up time and again – is to “ just be “

All this sounds incredibly simple and yet can be incredibly tough. More so when one is pretty muddled about what one earth is ‘just being’ all about and how can one ‘just be’ ?
To just be is to be our true self – which is who we really are when we let go of all of the stories, labels, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. It is who we naturally are without the masks and pretentiousness.
In the words of life-coach Victoria Ayres who details out the state of just being –
‘It is who we really are when we let fall to the floor the cloak of other people’s stuff that we have taken on. Everything else that we claim to be when we say, “This is who I am!” is only a story.’

Easier said than done, however. Here our in-house ‘ just-be’ experts share their secret sauce tips for achieving this awesome state !

1. Manifest your inner child.
Ever watched little children and how free they are ? And how they could not be bothered about what other people think of them? They are happy and in the moment.
They are in their true nature. They have not yet been manipulated to “fit in” to a society.They don’t care if people think that they are silly while they dance in public for the world to see.
We are constantly worrying about what people think of us. That is a manifestation of the socialised person we are – not the real person we need to be. We play roles to fit into society and we suppress our true nature out of fear of what others think. If you really want to get in touch with your inner child, become freer. Play, have fun, enjoy the moment, just let yourself go.
In order to Just Be – we need to let go of that fear and manifest our inner child.


images2. Become more aware of your thoughts.
We may not realise it but there are a huge number of negative thoughts that run through our mind on any given day. After a point in time, our reality is shaped by all of these conditioned thinking patterns.
The solution ? Try and become more aware of the quality of your thinking. In order to trigger this habit, just sit quietly every morning before starting your day for five to ten minutes. Allow your thoughts to come and go, but just observe them. Do not get fixated on them. And once done – do continue to observe your mind through the day.
Because we are all are more and can achieve so much more than our old and negative thinking patterns enable us to believe.

12558276_136092090107122_1806599967_n3. Follow your intuition.
This is probably one of the most important factors in just being
When you start following the little urges that you get, listening to the little voices you hear – you would feel as if are Alice in Wonderland ! It doesn’t mean that you will never have challenges in your life again – but once you are following the voice of your soul – know that you will be always moving in the best possible direction.
Once you begin to be true to yourself – you are in alignment with your true nature and ready to shine.
Alongwith all these pointers – wed also suggest that you check into any of the three Tree of Life Resorts – each with their own special character but all identical in terms of standards of service and cuisine. The easiest way to get a headstart towards just being.
Call us today on +91 9602091000 / 2000
or e mail us on or go to

Plan for a Successful Off-Site !

Company meetings held outside of the office can be great motivational tools. An off-site meeting can really shake things up, revitalise and reenergise employees, building team spirit and getting everyone’s creative juices flowing again. A meeting, workshop or conference “away from home” is often the best way to generate new enthusiasm, new ideas, and a renewed commitment to company goals. With no phone calls, deadlines and meetings to worry about. Plus the prospect of a change – is enough to build anticipation . Lots of it !

However, an off-site meeting that is not well-planned or carefully thought out beforehand and flawlessly executed – can be a disaster. All it takes is some botched up bookings, one bad meal or one botched-up trust-building exercise. No one wants something as critical as this effort to go waste or to be memorable for the wrong reasons !
To turn your event into a huge success – here are our helpful tips for planning a successful off-site!
1. Aim high.

When planning an off-site, it is easy to limit one’s expectations. Thinking and planning about the day/s objectively and strategically can make it more than just a simple bonding experience; it can become an opportunity to solve office problems, generate new ideas, and help employees grow. It is critical to fist decide as to what should the meeting outcomes be. And then the task is to anchor the off-site with goals that actually mean something and make a difference to the business.

2. Pick a creative location.

A run-of-the-mill location will produce run-of-the-mill results. The physical surroundings of an off-site meeting can make an enormous difference. Hotels and conference centers may be obvious choices, but they’re not the only options. Some creative alternatives that are located off-the-beaten-track in unusual settings with a host of activities that can be planned in and around the locations can make the difference between an okay and an awesome off-site. Think outside the box.

3. Check it out beforehand.

When deciding on your off-site venue, be sure to take a tour of the shorlisted facility beforehand, including the “back of the house.” Check for ample storage space for supplies, secure areas for employees to put their belongings, a sufficient number of clean restrooms, quality of rooms, and good dining facilities. Check for unusual settings and outdoor areas where your teams can play and have fun beyond the standard banquet and conference rooms.
12356426_1539504513033605_1316061873_n (2)4. Plan for fun as well.

Just because this is an off-site you can’t not consider opportunities for fun, R & R. A gym, pool and spa may be obvious options but an offering that includes curated experiences taking into account local spaces and surrounds – be it a jungle walk, or a trek, or a village experience would be attractive options to consider. Teams that can take advantage of these extras will be positive and enthused.

5. Keep track of costs.

Be sure to determine your budget ahead of time. Expenses to consider: transportation, facility rental, equipment rental, accommodations, catering, and possibly the cost of hiring a guest speaker or entertainer. Not to forget unaccounted for extras.

6. Ensure you have the right equipment.

Today’s meetings call for more than just a few chairs and a flip chart. Attendees will likely bring laptops to access and present computer-based information, so you’ll need a means of projecting that information. You should also consider beforehand whether you’ll need high-speed Internet access in the meeting venue, or if this is a time to be “off the grid.” You may want to carry or rent high-end equipment to ensure your team is able to watch the finals of the Soccer or Cricket World Cup.

7. Have alternate dates.

When choosing a date for your off-site meeting, keep at least two possible ones in mind — a preferred date and an alternate one. When you start checking out available location options, you’ll be able to choose the best option based on the number of people who can attend. Alternate dates also mean that you can negotiate a better price.

8. Create a detailed schedule.

Work backwards from your event date to determine what needs to be done beforehand, and when. Be conscious of production lead time, shipping times for deliveries, and anything else that needs to be thought out before the off-site.

9. Plan the day/s intelligently.

Design your offsite schedule with care. Build in travel time to and from the site, and set an appropriate agenda. Remember that people’s attention spans are notoriously limited and not each session speaker or in-charge can drive the same amount of involvement or interest. Some introductory pointers in each session followed by hands-on sessions or exercises are a great way to keep up the interest levels. Decide up front whether you want the day to be a high-intensity working event, a laid-back and relaxing retreat, or a balanced program combining a little of each. If you do decide to mix work with play, carefully consider which should come first.

10. Communicate in advance.

Circulate a pre-off-site agenda that lets your team know what your objectives are for the off-site. This will provide them with the opportunity to prepare ahead of time for complete and constructive participation. Where appropriate, give pre-meeting homework that employees need to complete ahead of the event. It will also help build up excitement for the big day.
So that’s our take and tips on making a rocking off-site happen. We have on offer a luxury resort nestled in the quiet serenity of the Aravalis at the Tree of Life Jaipur, a heritage property that’s off the grid at the Tee of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar and heritage safari lodge at the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Take your pick from any of these for your next off-site, power-play pow-wow, or flip it around to create memories with loved ones and make your best days and nights happen with us.
Prices start at INR 100,000 for 20 guests, per night, all inclusive. Please reach out to us for more information and bookings.
+91 9602091000 / 2000