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It’s Season Time at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve !

As the weather transforms from mild to warm, leading in to summer – it’s season time for us ! As temperatures still range from cold during night time to warm in daytime – this is the best time to be at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve !

The Dudhwa Tiger reserve

Tiger spotted ! At the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

It’s the time when wildlife sightings and experiences go up exponentially ! That’s because the tigers who have been roaming around outside the park – amidst sugarcane fields, are now back into the protected areas in the reserve. Rising temperatures are transforming the parks’ watering holes – where the animals get together for a refreshing drink after a long , hot day. There is hence much to see and experience in one single location, alone !
The annual summer migration of birds has ensured great sightings of migratory birds inside the parks. Recent guests at the Tree of Life Jaagir lodge have been delighted to experience the best of Dudhwa’s wildlife – including Tigers with Cubs, Leopards, Fishing Cats ( an endangered species), the Bengal Florican ( a critically endangered species), Great Hornbills, Indian Otters, Jungle Cats, huge groups of Wild Elephants and of course, the star attraction of Dudhwa – One Horned Rhinos, this time with new born calves ! We recently had a guest stay with us in on their honeymoon who saw 11 Rhinos with 2 calves during one of their Elephant Safaris. I guess this was the Rhino’s way of wishing them a happy married life ahead !

Swamp-Deer or Barasingha at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Swamp-Deer or Barasingha at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

In our latest report from the ground, there’s much action taking place at the adjoining, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary’s main water hole – Jaadi Tal. It is playing host to herds of BaraSinghas ( Swamp Deer ) who spend their afternoons lazing around in the water. This of course, is attracting the Tigers who are frequently seen stalking their prey from a distance.
The birds of Kishapur are promising this season as we are having regular sightings of Spoonbills, Grey Headed Fish Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Pelicans and the Bengal Florican. Not to forget the Crocodiles and Leopards who have been keeping us company this season.

The nearby Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary carries the reputation – “where rare is common” and it’s living up to that promise in style. In our recent boat safaris -, we have had fantastic sightings of Wild Elephants, South Asian River Dolphins, Gharials and Indian Skimmers. During the jeep Safaris in this area, our guests have managed to see Leopards and Tigers as well. We’ve even done extra safaris on jeeps and on boats to enable maximum sightings for our guests !

Safari Joys !

Safari Joys !

The bonus ? Apart from the protected areas, sightings in and around the Lodge have improved tremendously as well. Our dedicated and highly experienced naturalists have been able to identify areas within walking distance of the Lodge where one can see Indian Otters, Nesting Birds, Wolves and also identify Tiger Trails through the sugarcane fields !

And once you’re done with life of the four-legged and feathered variety – the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge offers spaces, service and cuisine for you to unwind in style. For this is really the best time to be here !

Dudhwa beckons. Make it happen.

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Evolving Consumers, Evolving Experiences

There’s much to be said about travel and travel experiences. Our timelines are suddenly seeing a rush of driving expeditions across continents, of settled professionals chucking it all up to travel the world, the growing popularity of Slow Travel and more.


aToday’s traveller-consumer is adventurous, investing in experiences, willing to experiment – even when it comes to work related travel which was otherwise defined by the familiar and cookie cutter offering. The change is, of course driven by oodles of sharing of travel experiences and authentic word-of-mouth. Travel hacks of all kinds curated by experts inspire and enable more travel and travellers. And the market disruption fuelled by the growth of AirBnb has led to paradigm shifts in consumer expectations and behaviour when it comes to stays and their experience.

Flipping the traditional hospitality model on its head – it sells on the promise of the unknown,
of adventure with little promise of consistency. It was only a matter of time before someone woke up to the potential of how the business of hospitality could get further disrupted by creating an offering based on the AirBnb principle. Not many brands have wrapped their heads around this yet. There is perhaps an Indian automotive brand that comes to mind. Who looks to redefine their product portfolio given the number of taxi hailing apps that now are redefining in city transportation.


The Hyatt looks to redefine the Hospitality Experience with their Unbound Collection – that walks the path of an AirBnb – by putting together a chain of boutique properties, each with their own individual charm and style. The creation of this offering is based on a key insight – that while the idea of travel has changed so that people want to explore and develop and have new experiences – on the other side they are also creatures of habit and want things that evoke some sense of the familiar.



Well – great minds seem to think alike. For that is the principle on which the Tree of Life and its offering is based. Each of the three Tree of Life properties at Binsar, Dudhwa and Jaipur – have their own distinctive look and feel, their own set of curated experiences within and around the property, their own story that make each property delightfully different and unique. Be it the serenity of the Aravalis that house the stylish Tree of Life , Jaipur, or the retro style hunting lodge that has reinvented itself in the ‘ avatar ’ of the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa or the one-time British Commissioner’s residence, which is now the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar.

All of the experiences at the three properties are created with the exactingly high standards and concepts of hospitality that include signature cuisine and discreet service. That makes it a beautiful blend of the unknown and the known. All perfectly balanced. A whole new experience also awaits at the upcoming Tree of Life, Varanasi – scheduled to open early 2017.



And we’re embarking on another adventure that extends the concept of creating great travel and hospitality experiences with our brand new venture – Tree Leaf Hospitality. Taking the concept of experiential travel a notch ahead, across uniquely different, standalone, boutique properties. Where Brand Tree Leaf would work to offer complete operational back- end support for small, individual boutique hotels – including sales and marketing; reservations; online sales; social media handling and online reputation management.

Our very first venture is slated to open 10th April 2016., at Marari Sands Resort by Tree Leaf, Marari Beach, Kerala. Where just 13 palm – view cottages await.

Watch this space for more. And yes – great minds do think alike.

5 Great Reasons to be at Dudhwa

The time to be at Dudhwa is now. The season for some great wildlife spotting and indulgent living is between October & May. Only if you set up camp at the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge. If you’re still looking for reasons to go beyond quiet, luxurious living in a heritage Safari Lodge with all the style and service of days of yore coupled with signature cuisine and curated experiences – here they are :




# 1

Unlike it’s more famous cousin – Corbett, the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is off the beaten track. So that means less waiting time to get into the park and endless amounts of peace and quiet. And more opportunities to spot.


# 2

You’ll earn bragging rights if you manage to spot the Tiger .The forest is famous for its Tiger Reserve and it has one of the largest population of tigers in India. Tigers were reintroduced into this forest through the efforts of the great conservationist ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh. If you don’t – there’s always next time. And there’s also the one-horned rhino up for spotting. The only place where you can see it outside of Assam.



Located in the naturally lush Terai region of Uttar Pradesh – and a hop skip and jump from the Nepal border, Dudhwa has about 150 sq. km. of elephant grassland and about 20 natural lakes that are home to bird life, aquatic life and more. More to see, more to experience.


c# 4

There are around 1500 species of of birds in South Asia and 450 of them can be found in Dudhwa. The critically endangered Bengal Bustard or Bengal Florican can be found in Dudhwa, too. It is believed that there are only 1000 of them alive right now. Bird-watching of the feathered variety is at its best.



Experience the Tharus. A primitive, peace loving tribe who choose to remain in their space and not assimilate with the outside world. They are also in a sense the caretakers of the forest. Yet warm and welcoming if you choose to stop by to experience a different world

Dudhwa beckons. Call us on +91 9602091000 / 2000 to book. Or mail us on Or log on to .