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4 Spiritual Benefits of Chanting Mantras

For the uninitiated, many ancient religions and traditions emphasized on the power of mantras, or repetitive recitals of specific words that produce specific vibrations and sounds meant to stimulate healing and spiritual awakening in the human mind, body and soul.

Today, more often than not, people tend to find their awakening and rejuvenation in travel, especially for wellness. One might find himself or herself staying in one of the best 5 star hotels in Udaipur, such as the Tree Leaf Vantara Resort & Spa, and enjoying its holistic spa services or beautiful idyllic environs. But to make best use of this relaxing time, incorporating mantra chants during the stay and beyond is crucial.

Here, we take a look at the 4 major spiritual benefits of chanting mantras:

  1. Makes you more intuitive

Ancient scholars and practitioners believed that through chanting mantras, our body can grasp the positive energies and the divine energies that surround us. The repetitive chanting of the same sounds has a hypnotic effect on the mind, thus releasing it from stress and transferring it into a state of higher consciousness and concentration. This makes us more aware of everything around us, leading to development of powerful intuitive abilities over time.

  1. Makes you more compassionate

It is believed that chanting mantras not only unburdens the mind of stress but also opens it up in a way that the practitioner begins to view himself or herself in divine light. This often leads people to view others in a new light as well – one of passion, love, compassion, and forgiveness.

  1. Makes you more receptive and content

Naturally, chanting produces a state of mind that has a far-reaching effect on our thoughts and behaviour. Mantras are believed to hold the power to resonate one’s mortal body with the vibrations of the universe. Since every mood we have is associated with a vibration, chanting mantras gives us control over them. The result? We begin to be more content with our lives and surroundings.

  1. Makes you give up materialism

Every day, we are worried about our bodies, our health, our pleasures, and our desires. Chanting mantras is a way to break free of this preoccupation, since it tunes us into higher levels of consciousness where we realize that life and death are just cyclic.

Whether you are enjoying one of the Udaipur resort packages or find yourself meditating at a Binsar resort, your mantra chanting will always benefit from the right place and the right environment. If there is any treasure to be found in ancient wisdom that is worth taking forward into the new world, it is this divine practice.

What Makes TreeLeaf Your Next Holiday Vacation Spot

Life moves at a breakneck speed, just about zipping by office deadlines, late night dinners, grocery shopping and catching up on sleep, if any time remains. It’s important to give yourself a break; allow your muscles to recoup, your brains to regain its fervor, and you to reenergize and rediscover your spark. Start marking your calendars to give yourself a treat you deserve.

Udaipur and Kerala have always been popular destinations among the tourists, domestic or international. They are well-renowned for their stunning visuals – royal palaces and lakes in Udaipur, backwaters and palm groves in Kerala. Many flock to these dreamlands for a getaway to recover and feel fresh! At Tree Leaf, the leisurely experience steps up to become luxury comfort stay that is very much the need of the hour for a travelling soul. So if you’re planning a vacation, for a weekend or a week, here’s why you should be staying with us at Tree Leaf:

Connect With Nature Through Wellness

We pride ourselves in creating an ambience in tune with our natural surroundings, bringing the best nature has to offer, all under one roof. The calm sound of the ocean waves and the pristine white beach at The Tree Leaf Marari Sands sets up the perfect environment for a round of peaceful meditation.  Tree Leaf Vantara Resort & Spa is surrounded by blooming, lush-green forests. Away from the city, hear the bright birds chirping in the morning as you breathe in clean air after a restful sleep. Experiences like these are rarely available with any other Kerala or Udaipur resorts packages, making this ethereal adventure a must try.

De-stress In The Lap of Luxur

Serene By The Sea at Marari Sands can be your ultimate relaxation spot. Swaying hammocks, gentle breeze and a mocktail in hand – unwind in style while catching up with your fellow travellers on the beach. Our spa in Udaipur as well the one in Marari Sands, can also be you perfect de-stressing haven, feeding positive energy to your mind, body and soul with a little help from some therapeutic massage by the experts. The lush-green Aangan in Udaipur also becomes your perfect spot to have some lovely tea with a majestic view of the Aravalli hills, soothing your eyes and the mind.

Taste Local Food with The Richest Flavours

Fresh produce and catch make it to our kitchens to serve you an eclectic fare that is finger-licking good. Head to The Aravalli, the all-day dining option at Udaipur, and dig into the delicious menu that covers Rajasthani, Gujarati and Continental cuisines. The Waterfront at Marari Sands serves you delectable Malabar palate that will have you asking for more! If outdoor seating is your cup of tea, head to Aangan and Serene by The Sea for the perfect private date under the sky. If you wish for something that is not on the menu, our chefs will happily create a curated dish for you!

With less than 18 accommodations at each of our properties, be guaranteed a non-crowded, peaceful stay that can help you rejuvenate to be at your absolute best. Whether travelling solo, with a partner, or family, a Tree Leaf holiday is what you truly deserve.

We look forward to seeing you soon!