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Counting Life’s Blessings II ( The second and concluding part of the story of the Tree of Life )

For those who have been following our story. And for those who have just come in. We continue with the thread of our story..

The land did speak. And it did tell our founder – Himmat Anand, what to do. The direction that each of the 13 villas must face in our 7-acre property. The distance between one villa and another. The approach to each villa. The public areas – including the restaurant and reception blocks and their positioning. The placement of open spaces and pathways. The creation of our fabulous Ganesha Abode. Each and every detail was considered and continuously modified – until it was as close as possible to perfection.

Individual villas were designed to be not like a hotel room or a cottage – but as a stylish home, each hidden away and cocooned in its own personal space to afford complete privacy. Created to include picturesque bay windows, private sit-outs, personal plunge-pools and outdoor jaccuzzis. With great attention to detail – each villa was named after a local, flowering tree with the colour of its flower becoming the signature of the villa’s interiors. The leaf of the tree after which each villa was named – was inlaid as a motif on its floor ! The developing emphasis was on the creation of an experience that was about quiet, understated, stylish luxury.

tree of life 2

It was not all smooth sailing however. On two separate occasions –and both just before the pre-scheduled resort opening dates – there was a cloudburst, which led to severe damage not just to the resort but also to the stores and equipment due to the flooding and the mud which came rolling down the hillside from behind the property in torrents. The launch dates had to be postponed to address the damage and to bring the resort back to its pre-conceived state and glory. It would take weeks of painstaking effort to clean up the entire resort areas – both interiors and exteriors and to get ready for the formal opening.

Putting aside the wistfulness that had come with cancelled bookings – and looking forward to new beginnings – the Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur, had the good fortune to host their very first guests. They were none other than the parents of our founder, Himmat Anand and they stayed for 2 nights & 3 days. The very first billing at the Tree of Life was in the names of these venerable guests, who came to encourage, support and bless the entire team who had put in their blood, sweat and tears to ensure the creation of the very first Tree of Life property.


We’ve come a long way since. While our resorts now run like clockwork and we are privileged to have hosted many delighted and extremely satisfied guests – the feeling that we evoke still remains as fresh as ever. Call it what you will – it’s where the world comes to a quiet halt. To unwind. To find oneself. To just simply – be. And that is the soul of the Tree of Life. And its experience.

It is one which we have been blessed to create and one which we continue to re-create. Every single day.

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