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Curating Experiences for a Lifetime

While there are many things that we believe differentiate us, we believe it is the Experience of the Tree of Life that sets us apart. Or rather – Experiences.
That’s because we believe that physical objects can only do so much and no more. And a great experience is what makes the difference in the long run to our guests. And to us.

At the Tree of Life – we believe in the power of Great Experiences. Experiences have the power to spark the imagination, engage our senses, stimulate the intellect, invoke an emotive response and enliven the spirit. Experiences also make for the best memories and the most outstanding stories.
So while our guests love the amazing Tree of Life Jaipur set amidst the gentle slopes of the Aravali hills – with just 13 stunning Spa and Pool Villas spread out over 7 lush green acres, or the British colonial heritage style Tree of Life at Binsar, or the retro-style Safari Lodge at the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, we believe it is the curated experiences that surround our Resort offerings that create outstanding memories.
Crafted and created with care and infinite attention to detail – our Curated Experiences were the brainchild of our founder – Himmat Anand who realised that visitors want to increasingly make genuine connections with local people and get a sense of the place they are visiting.

Some experiences are those which are must-do’s as they are so inextricably intertwined with the place. Such as – the Safari at the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve where a Tiger spotting is enough to create a flurry of videos and images and bragging rights on social media. Or a trek in the Wildlife Sanctuary at Binsar – since the Tree of Life is the only resort that is located within the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Then there are our Curated Experiences – which go beyond the obvious. For us – an experience is not just what happens when a guest arrives for it. It is a thoughtfully planned and extremely detailed sequence of personalised interactions and processes. That’s because the people factor is what brings the Experience alive.

binConsider our Zero Point Trek Experience at the Tree of Life in Binsar. To reach this highest point in Binsar which is at around 7,800 feet, trek through the Grand Oak Manor Estate through oak and rhododendron forests, and carry on further down to the paths leading uphill to Zero Point. We’re proud to share that a guest accomplished this amazing trek on a wheelchair !


And we’re so proud of our One Foot in Nepal Experience at the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Unbelievable as it may sound, Nepal is just a convenient 50 minute drive from the Lodge. We take you via Gauri Phanta – the Indian side of the border. Cross over to reach Dhangadhi in Nepal. Visit the local market and test out their local brew, sample Nepalese food, or shop for trinkets and traditional artifacts.


044_Gyarsi LaalAnd what can we say about the Experiences at the Tree of Life Jaipur ?   While you can lose yourself in the bright lights and dazzle of Jaipur – a refreshing and humbling contrast is to be found when you “ Meet the Family ”

Gyarsilal and his family have been tilling the land around the resort for the past four generations. Visit his home and meet the family – who are simple, warm and caring folk. There is a 700 year-old temple and a school nearby which is actively supported by the Resort. Interact with the children. Rediscover and briefly live the simple life.

We’d be thrilled and delighted to host our selection of Curated Experiences for you. Just one amongst the many other reasons to be at the Tree of Life !
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