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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Because we’ve all grown up reading stories of one. And the holly, mistletoe, the tree, the presents, Santa Claus and the Christmas Story. As one grew up and dreams were put aside to make way for everyday reality – the idea of a White Christmas could possibly be found only in our bucket-lists. An occasional reminder from a movie or scenes from another part of the world during the time – could only reinforce the longing to sometime experience a white Christmas.

Look no further, then. We’re delighted and proud to share that you can experience a White Christmas at the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor in Binsar in the Kumaon Himalayas.

The property dates back to the year 1857, when British Commissioner, Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Ramsay, cousin of Lord Dalhousie, then Viceroy of India, was charmed by the beauty of Binsar Estate – where the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor is located. The estate’s location within the National Park in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is at a vantage point that offers stunning views from each and every corner of the property.

With just 9 quaint rooms in 40 acres of private estate surrounded by forest greens and snow clad mountains that seem to be close enough to touch – this charming ‘hideaway’ will gently ensure you slow yourself down, At the very least – for the time that you are there. The resort is yet another Tree of Life Experience that’s personalised and attentive – with owners Sindhu and Shikha on hand, to show you around their ancestral home and regale you with tales of its past. As one spends time here – it is all too easy to forget everything and assume oneself to be the Lord of the Manor !

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Located in a forest reserve , the resort runs on solar power and offers all comforts but not the modern day trappings such as TV. Even the otherwise omnipresent mobile signal quality is patchy out here.

This year – you can revel in the joy of a white Christmas with us. Simply be. Amidst the snow. At one with the mountains and their energy. And even if Nature and the snow decide to play truant there’s much that you can comfort yourself with. Feel adventurous and energetic and traverse any of the 62 designated paths in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Spot a barking deer, a wild boar or martens. Or if you are an early bird –spot over 200 species of rare Himalayan feathered friends. Check out our charming little farm where we grow fresh organic produce for our table. Or immerse yourself in the local village, its people and their lifestyle.

We’re only too happy to make your Christmas dream come true. All that’s needed is for you to stop. And perchance to dream. Again.

Reach out to us to know more. Call Call + 91 96 0209 1000 / 2000 or e mail us on for attractive offers.!

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