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Feeling Tired All the Time? Here’s Why!

We live in a chaotic world; there is no arguing about this fact. The constant battle between our inner selves and the external forces makes us feel exhausted, not just physically but mentally as well. “I am tired of fighting with myself”, we may not realize the gravity of this statement at once but when it becomes synonymous with our daily life, we feel depressed. That’s where we need to introspect about what might have been gone. As hopeful as it sounds, it’s never too late to find solutions. But before we jump to the final conclusion, it’s important to understand our problems to their core, own them, and start working towards eradicating the root causes.

Following are the reasons why you might be feeling tired all the time (and trust us, it has nothing to do with your physical health):

1. Stress: Be it work-related or personal, stress can actually make you feel tired to the extent that you think of giving up on a lot of things which may have been important to you all this while. The doctors call it ‘chronic fatigue’, the persistent feeling of tiredness. It is accompanied with other similar conditions which not only degrade your quality of life but also lowers your self-esteem. As a result, you start feeling lost at work, find yourself incapable of keeping up with emotional relationships and start losing interest in almost everything you do.

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2. Anxiety: If you’ve ever faced the pangs of anxiety, you must have an idea about how it works. From draining all your energy to making you feel completely overwhelming, anxiety has its own ways to affect your lives. It can also cause insomnia which further leads to a persistent feeling of tiredness. Whereas for severe anxiety it is recommended to see a doctor, mild anxiety can be self-managed provided that you are self-aware and practice discipline.

3. Emotional exhaustion: Believe it or not, emotional exhaustion is a real thing. It makes you feel emotionally drained and makes your mind believe that you can no longer control your emotions. You feel stuck with them, making it further difficult for you to find your way and live a content life.

Self-management is seen as a difficult task to accomplish but with a strong will and sheer determination, you can make it happen. It’s a slow and steady process where you pave your own path to self-discovery.

Imagine yourself spending some lone time at one of the finest Marari beach hotels, burying your worries in the sand outside, reading your favourite book and eating your favourite food. Taking trips may sound like a basic thing to do but trust us, it’s always good to begin with simple things as they can accompany you well in whatever you do and help bring inner peace.

So whether you choose to take a vacation and stay comfortably at one of the best Varanasi accommodations or somewhere in Binsar, want to make your lifestyle better by opting for healthy diet and exercise regime or indulge heartily in your hobby, there is no dearth of options which can make you feel rejuvenated, positive, and happy.

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