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Find Rejuvenation in the Mountains of India

The modern world offers every convenience that someone could think of with indoor plumbing, state of the art technology and complex flavors integrated into single dishes. However, every once in a while it is nice to be able to step away from all that busyness and have a chance to relax and enjoy the slow pace of the ‘old world’. India has an ideal combination of fast pace and hospitality treasures that are hidden away in sanctuaries and retreats deep in the mountains.

Travelers can take advantage of old-fashioned British service when they stay at Binsar hotels designed to take individuals out of the city and give them an experience in the wilderness. This does not mean living in tents and using outdoor plumbing but rather staying in a mansion that has been maintained for over a hundred years and upgraded with the contemporary conveniences that make life a little easier. In addition, guests will take part in a five-star culinary masterpiece during meals, enjoy hikes and local activities and have an ability to see animals in their natural habitat protected from hunters and poachers.


The Binsar hotels are set in a mountain terrain surrounded by trees and a stunning view of the panorama with top-rated customer service so that you will feel at home and taken care of for the entire visit. The emphasis on taking care of nature is appealing to tourists who prefer sustainable practices and utilizing local resources to help give back to the environment. Yoga, meditation, treks and relaxing on lounge chairs outside at sunset are just some of the activities available to guests throughout their stay.

Unlike most vacations where you go home needing a few more days to recover from the travel, when you stay at Binsar hotels you will return home feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed, ready to take on the responsibilities again. Go online today and start planning your trip to this unique and historic location so that you can have a travel experience unlike any other and leave behind, even for just a few days, the hectic schedule that has become a way of life.

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