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How to Bag it !

We’re always on the lookout for great travel trends, tips and tricks ! Especially ones that solve our biggest travel challenges. Chief of which is to travel light. Which we all mostly don’t manage to do. And hence the plethora of bags and suitcases. Desperately struggling to meet baggage restrictions. Even if one doesn’t have those – the task of being saddled with max-ed out limit of carry-on baggage or even two pieces of carry-on baggage is quite a pain.
Unless of course you’re driving down to the Tree of Life – where size and weight are no object. So here goes. The suggestions we have for you are culled from a fair amount of research and some amount of experience. Based on your travel duration. Be it a long vacation or a long weekend getaway. All of which has led to one very important realisation. The kind of bag you need when flying is very different to the best kind of bag for being out and about on the ground. Beginning with what should work for you when flying.


The Sleek Hard-topped Wheelie
Great for stashing in your most delicate equipment and devices. And if it’s in a distinctive colour – the risk of it getting mixed up with those black ones is the last thing you need to worry about. If you’re a light packer – then there’s not much else you need to take along. These babies are strong, sturdy and can be used to hang your jacket on, too !


c.jpgThe Backpack Blessing
The go-to essential for everyone travelling from interns to CEO’s. Safe for devices and equipment especially if it’s got some padding. And a great number of flaps, pockets and compartments to easily store stuff – from water bottles to passports to chargers and more. Just that after a few years it becomes that much harder on the neck and shoulders. Solution ? A smaller wheelie with the option of a collapsible shoulder bag. How does that work you may ask ? The wheelie can go under your seat (surprise !) and the collapsible shoulder bag can be opened up and used as needed – whether it’s to store layers as you fly from cold to warm climes or for last minute shopping. Also a great option for use on the ground. And your go-to for the long weekend.


The O & G Discovery
If you’re beyond the obvious – then check out the Overnight & Gym Bag. It’s lightweight, has normal purse style handles, plus a larger cross-body strap which is great if you’re lugging around a lot of stuff. And wonder of wonders – there’s also a padded laptop compartment and a side pocket for carrying an extra pair of shoes ! Another great standalone option for the long weekend !


eThe Camera Bag Joy
Craftily designed to look like a regular cross body bag – but it can come with enough space and even compartments for you to pack your DSLR and lenses in it too !


So that’s our take ! What do you think of it ? Do share your feedback, stories and travel bags in the comments section. Would love to hear more from you !

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