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How we reach for the Stars !

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

~ Harriet Tubman

We’re a bunch of dreamers. That’s why we do what we do. And that’s why we are where we are. Having reached for the Stars after many years of hard work – we see its results every day. But we also continue our efforts to stay amongst the Stars. After all – dreams can only stay true with sustained effort that drives us from one to the next and higher Star.

We’re proud to share stories from our world. Where challenging circumstances created desire to overcome them. They set their sights high. And worked very hard and did not for a moment believe that they could not achieve the impossible. 2016-09-05-photo-00000104-2

The story of Roshan who is part of the team at the Tree of Life, Jaipur , is even more amazing than the story of how the Resort came to be. At the time of its construction, Roshan was working on the resort construction site as a ‘beldaar’. A ‘beldaar’ is a daily wage labourer who digs and carries earth, bricks, clay and sand at construction sites.  Roshan began to visualise not only the results of his labour in the form of a brand new resort – but also how he could be part of it. Once the resort opened , Roshan joined the Kitchen team at the resort, doing odd jobs – including chopping and cleaning. Over the years – and driven by his desire to excel in life – he picked up simple cooking skills and continued his learning. He soon achieved the ability to work independently.

Today – Roshan is a self-made, self-taught and valued member of our Food & Beverage Team. All because he had a dream and reached out for the stars from the dust of apriya-jpg construction site.

guddi-jpgThen there is the story of Guddi and Priya – whose parents were part of the team that built the resort.  Supported by the Balika Foundation – set up by the Tree of Life –  both girls are doing full justice to their dreams by studying hard.  Currently in high school, they both love studying English and want to be teachers when they grow up ! We’re delighted that with a little bit of support the lives of our children are changing. And we’re proud and happy to be part of the change.

2016-09-06-photo-00000069Last but certainly not the least – is the story of Maharaj. Who joined us to work in our Horticulture Department.  While he continues to be an invaluable asset in keeping the resort in its lush, green and flowering state – his spiritual inclination made him gravitate naturally towards the Ganesha Abode and the ‘Naun Graha’ Temple in the resort premises.  Today he is responsible for the care and upkeep of over 220 plus Ganesha idols that are showcased in the Ganesha Abode.  And in his role as a priest – he has undertaken responsibility for the morning and evening “ aarti” or prayer ritual at the ‘Naun Graha’ Temple –  creating a peaceful aura in and around the resort.

Our stories will continue. And victories will happen. And the Stars will come closer and closer till we can grasp them firmly in our hands.   The voyage shall continue…

If you’d like to meet our Stars – come by and spend time with them at the Tree of Life, Jaipur. Call +91 9602091000 / 2000 now to book  !


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