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Introducing the Slow Life

It sounds hard to believe. That anyone can slow down. Unless they are left with no other option. We’re all living in the fast lane. And we want everything yesterday. Work, life, food, relationships, money. The quicker the better. We work quickly , play quickly, love quickly. And we are forever multi-tasking. Working while we should be at play. Playing while we should be working. Intertwined and Interlinked with our smartphones to stay in touch with a largely virtual world – while ignoring the person in front of you.

The result ? Relationships are affected. Productivity is down. Health is not what it should be. Stress is ongoing. Finances are under pressure. And the solution ?


aS-L-O-W down. Isn’t that what Simon & Garfunkel sang when they asked us all to slow down ? Because “ we had to make the morning last..”

Easier said than done however. With need for speed (!) now an integral part of our lives –slowing things down can be a real challenge. And there are years of conditioning that lead us to believe that slowing down is something negative and will lead is to lose out. That, however is beginning to change. The smart folk have already made their spaces away from city madness deep in the mountains. Or in secluded homes in India’s favourite holiday state of Goa. They’ve pretty much realised that slow will save us.


Carl Honoré, whom the Huffington Post calls the godfather of the Slow movement, says, “The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”
bThat makes Slow – Purposeful. It restores balance for you do some stuff slowly. Even if the rest may be fast. Work may be a choice. Mastering a subject, working on yourself, spending time with a loved one, working to give something back
to the world – the options are many. And soon – in a slow life, you will find time slowing down and becoming circular rather than linear. Instead of being measured in standard units – time itself will expand to fill up your space.

Make a conscious choice. A slow life is simple – though it need not be spartan – Quality and simplicity will rule. With good health and joy for added measure.

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