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Jugnu’s Jaunts

Hello Humans !
For those of you who don’t know me ( is that even possible ?? ) – my name is Jugnu Anand. I am the proud owner of one very special human by the name of Mr. Himmat Anand – who I chose as my human family when I was a little puppy at all of two weeks old.
j3Once I walked into his life – I have chosen to turn it upside down and leave my mark on everything – literally and otherwise. I need to clearly mark out my territory. And protect it from jealous wanna-be types.
You see I am only one of my kind. And while I have grown to love my human very, very dearly indeed – my human too also loves me very much. But sometimes I wonder what would happen if he got another four-legged baby to keep me company ? Or worse – if he decides to get me married off to some girl I have never met ??

I am perfectly content and happy in my various spaces. The first one is my human home – where I am fed, walked, pampered, cuddled and cossetted all through the day and part of the night, too. I have a minder who is more or less devoted to me and my needs. As a result – I too have come to love her a great deal. I have lots of toys to play with, plenty of me-time, free run of the sofas and an air-conditioned room for myself !! And when my human can tear himself away from his work at the various Tree of Life Resorts – I make sure I demand and get his exclusive attention – even at 5 am on a Sunday morning !
038_Tranquil SurroundingsMy second home is at the pet-friendly Tree of Life Resort at Jaipur. I am always pretty thrilled when my human gets me ready for the ride with my bowl and food and lays out my special rug in the car for me to be comfortable ! The place is huge, with lots of open and green areas for me to enjoy myself. Of course – I am at my best behaviour and permit myself to be put on a leash in public areas. I let myself fly once I enter the garden of the villa that I am staying at. That is MY personal space and I can do pretty much what I want out there as long as I don’t get under anyone’s feet ! What fun !!! I am also willing to rub noses with and be very nice to other four-legged friends who come visiting with their families. After all – as their host this is the least I can do. And ensure that my very awesome reputation spreads far and wide !


My third home is at the Tree of Life, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. There’s lots of space here too for fun and frolic. I love going for walks with my human in the surrounding fields and am always on guard whenever I see any other animals trying to poach on my territory or on my human !!



So – it’s been nice sharing stuff about myself with you all. When are you coming over to pay me a visit at the Tree of Life ? And don’t forget to bring your furry four – legged babies and kids along. No excuses will be tolerated in my kingdom as long as Jugnu Rules !



PS – On behalf of Master Jugnu Anand – we are delighted to welcome you to be our guests at the Tree of Life Jaipur. And at the Tree of Life, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, from 16th November onwards. With four-legged, furry family. Or even without !

Call us on +91 9602091000 / 2000 for bookings.

  1. Ian #

    Jugnu Sir, it is a pleasure to see your blog !!! I will be following you. Good luck to you.

    July 31, 2016
  2. Punam Singh #

    It’s a privilege to know you Jugnu. And, your human is a better person for having you in his life. You both have karmic ties!

    July 31, 2016

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