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Retreat to the Tree of Life

If you’re a spiritual seeker. And are guiding others on to the path – then you are well aware of how spaces and environments can impact the journey that one undertakes. At all stages.

Which is why  the Tree of Life is a great choice for retreats that would work brilliantly for yoga practitioners, mindfulness-seekers,  wellness-lovers and pretty much anyone wanting to get away from the chaos, the stress, the pollution in our lives. Singly. In pairs. Best of all – even in exclusive groups.

035_Meditation & YogaThe Tree of Life Resorts are exclusive, luxury, boutique properties that lend themselves brilliantly to small to medium sized groups of guests ( upto 50 pax ) who want to discover themselves anew. And permanently change their approach to life, for the better.

Located away from urban dazzle – and approached via quiet roads that Google Maps identifies for you , you have a choice of serenading the gentle Aravali hills at Jaipur, grabbing the one spot that affords dazzling views of the Greater Himalayas right in  the middle of the Binsar WildLife Sanctuary and living on the edge – at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

033_Ganesh Abode MeetingThe Tree of Life at Jaipur offers 13 private Spa & Pool Villas, exquisitely furnished with spa-style bathrooms, outdoor showers, private plunge pools and more  – set amidst sprawling greenery across 13 acres. Not to forget the Ganesha Abode that houses our founder’s personal collection of over 65 plus Ganesha idols lovingly collected from all over the world. Or our stunning, trademark infinity pool with our adjoining spa that offers polished spa treatments customised to your lifestyle. At the Tree of Life, Binsar*, lose yourselves in our heritage spaces – think teak-wood lined rooms with crisp linen and dazzling mountain views. Deep in the middle of the sanctuary – where it is quiet to the point of pin-drop silence – but for our discreetly attentive service…

3e5d09094d23072b277254c597a98cb9At the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve** where our Heritage Safari Lodge enables you to be one with the Earth, the Jungle and its inhabitants.

Just the spaces to let go, meditate, unwind or indulge in some well-deserved R & R. Under the gentle guidance of our in-house yoga and wellness masters. Immerse yourself and expand your mind with life-changing philosophies by wise souls. And if you’re the one that guides and teaches – we’d be happy to support you with more.

There’s more that we’ve got up our sleeves. Consider – our personalised cuisine offering that our in-house MasterChef would be delighted to create as per your specific requirements. Vegan ? Organic ? Dosha – specific ? Calorie controlled ? It’s all possible. Or our Curated Experiences – consisting of jungle treks, wildlife safaris and spottings, experiences at local villages and home-stays, bicycling expeditions, visits to local schools and experiences with elephants at the nearby sanctuary are just what are needed to re-connect and ground you into a different reality, altogether.

Ashiyana1Once your day is done – let the dark velvet of the night wrap you in its folds as you let the sensation of just-being – overtake you.

There’s more – but we’d rather you experience it for yourselves !  For customised spiritual, mindfulness wellness holidays and retreats,  custom-created for individuals or exclusive groups – please call us on  +91 9602091000 / 2000 for a detailed discussion with us.


*Opening for the season September 16th

**Opening for the season November 16th

Weekend Getaways at the Tree of Life

All of us love taking long holidays to exotic places – and while that level of excitement and adventure ( do we even end up resting on these trips ? ) may be awesome – they also are expensive and take up time which a lot of us find it difficult to account for. That’s when a weekend getaway is all you need to have a fun, memorable, and rejuvenating experience !

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan your next weekend getaway with us at the Tree of Life !

Weekend Getaway Planner !

Weekend Getaway Planner !


Decide on the number of days for your weekend getaway
A minimum of two nights ? Extra nights over and above are a bonus. They help cover travel time. Or give you more time at your destination. Long weekends with official holidays prefixed or suffixed are obvious choices. The flip side is that rooms get sold out ahead of time at premium prices and you run the risk of bumping into friends and neighbours even on holiday !
You may want to head out on a regular weekend with a couple of extra days added on. Think of the delight as you wake up on a holiday Monday with everyone else at work !

Post bicycling expedition bliss

Post bicycling expedition bliss




Get a fix on how far you’d like to go on your weekend getaway
Travel time and mode is a function of this decision. And then the challenge of bookings by rail or by air need to be factored in. Unless you can swing last minute tickets. Else driving holidays may just be your ticket. No pun intended. We offer you a choice – drive down weekend getaways are yours of choose to go to Tree of Life Jaipur or Tree of Life Binsar. A short flight or a Shatabdi Express journey to Lucknow will take you to within three hours driving distance from the Tree of Life Dudhwa Tiger Reserve


Splash out at the Tree of Life Jaipur


Figure what you’d like to do on your weekend getaway. And with whom.
Choices, choices and more choices. How active or lazy ? Family ? Extended family ? Friends ? Solo ? Couple ? Mountains ? Water ? Activities ? Cuisine ? Nature ? Experiences ?  R & R ?

017_Outdoor Villa Spa

Outdoor Couples Spa Treatment in your own Villa

Pick and choose carefully. Keeping in mind tastes, moods and preferred level of activity. So that there is no scope for disappointment later. You’ll be spoilt for choice with us. Book a pool villa with us and relax at your own private pool. Or enjoy outdoor spa treatments at your own villa premises. Experience time-out with Elephants at the nearby village – with their trainers. Bathe and play with them and listen to their stories from their handlers. Or walk through jungle trails and spot wildlife and bird life with our resident naturalist. Trek to unforgettable mountain views. Go out on a jungle safari and get a chance to see the big cats and rhinos up close and personal. And when you think you’ve done enough – there is always our discreetly attentive service and signature cuisine – customised to your preferences by our resident MasterChef.


13116722_995849253801989_228203158_nPlan your weekend getaway with a budget
Of course – if budgets are not a constraint then go and do things at your own pace and at your own time. If not – then let us offer you our special summer tariffs – across all our locations. Book a curated luxury summer holiday with us and you can get discounts of up to Rs 4,000 per night plus a host of other special offers*. If you’re planning a destination event with a medium sized group of guests ( between 20 – 45 pax ) then please do connect with us for our extra special rates and add-ons.

Happy Weekend Getaways get even better ! Only at the Tree of Life !

Call us now on +91 9602091000 / 2000
or e mail us at
or log on to
*T&C apply

PS – Do read what our guests have to stay about weekend getaways with us at Binsar Dudhwa Jaipur – they tell you like it is !

How to Plan the Ultimate Travel Adventure. Luxury or Otherwise.

While there is something to be said for slow travel and the luxury of being able to take each day as it comes – that’s not something a lot of us can afford to do. More importantly – it’s not something one may even want to do. There is a term called “ FOMO “ which is an acronym for “Fear of Missing Out “- which we are pretty familiar with. And hence for us, the ultimate travel adventure means thorough research in order to have the very best and most unique experiences possible while travelling
Here’s a checklist of our favourite resources for finding the best places to stay and the coolest things to do.
downloadThe Lonely Planet Guides
Tried and tested. All you need to do is pick up the version for your destination and do a deep dive to plan your itinerary. Especially if you have decided how much time you want to spend at that particular place. It offers suggestions on your itinerary based on your time. Be it a day or a week. It also allows you to tailor trips to your specific interests – say food for instance. You can also plan around other interests such as shopping, family travel, beaches or festivals. Lonely Planet is also a great resource for general information such as key phrases, transport options, currency and medical care. This is certainly one thing you can’t go wrong with.

We love the way information in is structured around a particular destination in a standard easy to use format. All information is detailed out on a long, endlessly scrolling web page. But well structured. You can actually copy paste relevant sections and save them as a note on your mobile device. Or even print the pages out if you aren’t that smartphone savvy.
Niche Travel Planners & Travel Agencies
Another great way of planning your itinerary is to check out niche travel agents’ websites and niche travel planners. Their pre-created itineraries are great options if you want to go off the beaten track and immerse yourself in wine, craft or even large events. And the best part is that they will even custom create stuff depending upon what you are interested in.

Now that’s a great way to find travel ideas and destinations. Inspiration at its best and especially useful if you are looking to make destination decisions. It’s a cool way to search and save ideas – in your destination board which in turn can link you up to useful websites and blogs.

If you’re looking for luxury hotels, it’s best to look online. The Lonely Planet won’t necessarily list the very exclusive places, and even if it does there’s no customer rating for each hotel. There are also websites that aggregate luxury properties with details and ratings which can be searched for. The website includes honest feedback from hotel guests as well as reviews from a secret hotel inspector – so you can be sure what you’re seeing is authentic.

New-Zealand-Cheshire-Magazine-Double-Page-SpreadTravel Publications & Influencers
The gold standard – Conde Nast Traveller, Forbes, Vogue, Travel + Leisure plus a host of other options are great in their recommendations, most of which are pretty authentic. Or you could follow people who travel and are socially influential for their travel experiences.

Yes – we know it’s a maze out there – but the content is mostly authentic and pretty detailed. It covers everything from flights to hotels to activities to services and with enough links to the necessary websites to make your bookings. Reviews are completely honest and independent, do read ‘Excellent’ reviews as well as the ‘Terrible’ ones as what works for one may not work for another. It’s also very important to check the Traveller’s Photos on TripAdvisor as this really will give you a true picture of the place and a hotel without all the gloss !

 bloggers_the_new_power_brokerssLocal bloggers
A quick Google search can throw up bloggers living at your destination who may be happy to help with information and share secrets about their city. And you may end up making some great friends along the way. Of course – time and patience are of the essence.

So that’s our list of travel research and planning resources. If you have your own options – do share in the comment below ? We’d all benefit and it would earn you good karma ! One that allows you to travel even more perhaps !

How to Throw an Unforgettable Destination Party

It’s not just about Destination Weddings. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, Reunions all call for something beyond the obvious.


Imagine a long weekend-themed- birthday bash culminating in a private musical soirée. In between allow for spa treatments to refresh. Or curated experiences that allow your guests to be one with the earth. Topped off by personalised cuisine options for guests – decided in consultations with our Resident Chef.


Or an-anniversary-for-two experience deep in the heart of the mountains. Long walks in the jungle beckon. A champagne lunch by a gurgling mountain stream. Long, quiet evenings with candlelight for company. And there’s more. Depending only on what you have in mind.

Compared to a local one night celebration, a destination party allows enables guests to relax, unwind and share more celebration time. Exotic locales, our resorts and standards can create truly memorable experiences for you and help perhaps even cross an item off your travel bucket list.


Here’s how we make it happen !



We’ll suggest a great location


Depending upon your celebration and the number of guests you’re inviting ad how active you wish them to be – we’ll suggest Tree of Life options for you. Location plus activities. That’s your bonus !


We help you plan


As your resident experts who know it all – our feet-on-the-resort and on-the-ground will help you plan your party with the best of local resources. Or set them up for you from multiple loca
tions and sources if need
be. Décor, entertainment, service, experiences – you can have it all.


We’ll help pick a theme


Two heads are better than one. So our creative thinkers will suggest a theme that can be as offbeat as you wish. Or set things apart even within a tried and tested option


cWe’ll help you make it different


After all you’re creating memories for life, right ? Differences can be so real. Yet ephemeral. Or come to life as only it can be with us.


We’ll go into the details


That’s where God lies. Goodie bags, social sharing, fabric, flowers, music, interactions and more. Down to the smallest one.


We love to flex our grey matter, crank up our creative juices and plunge right into creating your next destination party. Make it happen. Call us or e mail us today.

+91 9602091000 / 2000


Evolving Consumers, Evolving Experiences

There’s much to be said about travel and travel experiences. Our timelines are suddenly seeing a rush of driving expeditions across continents, of settled professionals chucking it all up to travel the world, the growing popularity of Slow Travel and more.


aToday’s traveller-consumer is adventurous, investing in experiences, willing to experiment – even when it comes to work related travel which was otherwise defined by the familiar and cookie cutter offering. The change is, of course driven by oodles of sharing of travel experiences and authentic word-of-mouth. Travel hacks of all kinds curated by experts inspire and enable more travel and travellers. And the market disruption fuelled by the growth of AirBnb has led to paradigm shifts in consumer expectations and behaviour when it comes to stays and their experience.

Flipping the traditional hospitality model on its head – it sells on the promise of the unknown,
of adventure with little promise of consistency. It was only a matter of time before someone woke up to the potential of how the business of hospitality could get further disrupted by creating an offering based on the AirBnb principle. Not many brands have wrapped their heads around this yet. There is perhaps an Indian automotive brand that comes to mind. Who looks to redefine their product portfolio given the number of taxi hailing apps that now are redefining in city transportation.


The Hyatt looks to redefine the Hospitality Experience with their Unbound Collection – that walks the path of an AirBnb – by putting together a chain of boutique properties, each with their own individual charm and style. The creation of this offering is based on a key insight – that while the idea of travel has changed so that people want to explore and develop and have new experiences – on the other side they are also creatures of habit and want things that evoke some sense of the familiar.



Well – great minds seem to think alike. For that is the principle on which the Tree of Life and its offering is based. Each of the three Tree of Life properties at Binsar, Dudhwa and Jaipur – have their own distinctive look and feel, their own set of curated experiences within and around the property, their own story that make each property delightfully different and unique. Be it the serenity of the Aravalis that house the stylish Tree of Life , Jaipur, or the retro style hunting lodge that has reinvented itself in the ‘ avatar ’ of the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa or the one-time British Commissioner’s residence, which is now the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar.

All of the experiences at the three properties are created with the exactingly high standards and concepts of hospitality that include signature cuisine and discreet service. That makes it a beautiful blend of the unknown and the known. All perfectly balanced. A whole new experience also awaits at the upcoming Tree of Life, Varanasi – scheduled to open early 2017.



And we’re embarking on another adventure that extends the concept of creating great travel and hospitality experiences with our brand new venture – Tree Leaf Hospitality. Taking the concept of experiential travel a notch ahead, across uniquely different, standalone, boutique properties. Where Brand Tree Leaf would work to offer complete operational back- end support for small, individual boutique hotels – including sales and marketing; reservations; online sales; social media handling and online reputation management.

Our very first venture is slated to open 10th April 2016., at Marari Sands Resort by Tree Leaf, Marari Beach, Kerala. Where just 13 palm – view cottages await.

Watch this space for more. And yes – great minds do think alike.

Introducing the Slow Life

It sounds hard to believe. That anyone can slow down. Unless they are left with no other option. We’re all living in the fast lane. And we want everything yesterday. Work, life, food, relationships, money. The quicker the better. We work quickly , play quickly, love quickly. And we are forever multi-tasking. Working while we should be at play. Playing while we should be working. Intertwined and Interlinked with our smartphones to stay in touch with a largely virtual world – while ignoring the person in front of you.

The result ? Relationships are affected. Productivity is down. Health is not what it should be. Stress is ongoing. Finances are under pressure. And the solution ?


aS-L-O-W down. Isn’t that what Simon & Garfunkel sang when they asked us all to slow down ? Because “ we had to make the morning last..”

Easier said than done however. With need for speed (!) now an integral part of our lives –slowing things down can be a real challenge. And there are years of conditioning that lead us to believe that slowing down is something negative and will lead is to lose out. That, however is beginning to change. The smart folk have already made their spaces away from city madness deep in the mountains. Or in secluded homes in India’s favourite holiday state of Goa. They’ve pretty much realised that slow will save us.


Carl Honoré, whom the Huffington Post calls the godfather of the Slow movement, says, “The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”
bThat makes Slow – Purposeful. It restores balance for you do some stuff slowly. Even if the rest may be fast. Work may be a choice. Mastering a subject, working on yourself, spending time with a loved one, working to give something back
to the world – the options are many. And soon – in a slow life, you will find time slowing down and becoming circular rather than linear. Instead of being measured in standard units – time itself will expand to fill up your space.

Make a conscious choice. A slow life is simple – though it need not be spartan – Quality and simplicity will rule. With good health and joy for added measure.

If you’d like to experience the Slow Life – Tree of Life style, call us on +91 9602091000 / 2000 to book. Or mail us on Or log on to .