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The Design Principle

Good design has many forms. And definitions. Well known designer Dieter Rams once remarked “ Good design is as little design as possible ” Also known for his work in designing for Braun – this minimalistic approach to design ultimately inspired his design for the iPhone.



Design has often been associated with high-end, one-of-a-kind or limited edition products. What the conspicuous consumer aspires to. Something that can be owned and flaunted. A new car with a futuristic appearance ? The shoe that flaunts a glittering sole ? A quirky heel ? Or a watch with a diamond bezel winking back at you ? Entire industries may thrive on these – but design is much more than just products.

Design Aesthetics at the Tree of Life, Jaipur

Design Aesthetics at the Tree of Life, Jaipur


Maverick genius Steve Jobs was spot on when he said “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But, of course, if you dig deeper, its how it really works” The Big Daddy of our times – had hit upon the something huge. That design is not really just about the surface product. It is also about the experience. It is something that goes beyond what we think we are paying for. It is about how that something makes us feel. Which is why you have serpentine queues for days, ahead of a new iPhone launch. Or the breathless anticipation for a Tesla.


We all enjoy the impact of good design – but not everyone has the knowledge, taste and experience to create a world using the principles of great design. At the Tree of Life we take great design extremely seriously. Not just in terms of designing a particular look and feel but also an experience that blends in almost imperceptibly, to create memories for a lifetime.Beginning with our Jaipur property. With just 13 villas spread over 7 plus acres of land – there is enough space within and around each villa to ensure enough and more privacy for a guest to lounge in their personal garden, getting a spa treatment or making a splash in their personal plunge pool or even spending quality time with their four-legged family !


bWhat a lot of our guests do not know is that the Resort has been designed in a traditional style, which was popular in the region around a hundred years ago. Material used in our construction consists of stone and lime plaster. There is hardly any steel, bricks or cement that have been used. The pathways and incline of the resort have also been aligned in a manner so as to safely drain away and harvest water during the rains. The interiors of each villa have been designed around the motif of a flower that blooms in the area. Even the flooring of each villa replicates the motif of that particular flower and gives that particular villa its own name.


The Tree of Life Design is incomplete with its experience. One which is about not just the place but its people. Given our commitment to creating an experience of quiet luxury, we believe that it is our service that completes the Tree of Life design. Be it our curated experiences such as Teach Awhile – where you could teach children for an hour at the local school, Joy with the Elephants where you bond with these gorgeous mammals alongwith their handlers, feed them, frolic with them in the village pond. Or when Chef Mahendra comes by to discuss what you’d like to have for your next meal. No detail is too small to be looked into. The style of the experience design is one where we let our guest set the pace and schedule for the time that we host them and follow their lead in a discreet yet attentive manner.



And that’s the way we create our own and unique Design Principle. Thankfully its Unpatent-able – if there is such a word !


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