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The Human Element in Luxury Hospitality

Hotels and resorts cannot be described as offering  “Luxury”on the strength of  extravagant facilities and décor alone. Truly luxury hotels and resorts have the ability to engage their guests in distinctive, exclusive and meaningful ways that cannot found elsewhere. They create a certain mystique which becomes almost addictive, bringing guests back time and time again. It is something which can perhaps be almost felt in one’s mind and experienced via one’s emotions.

So how does the Luxury Experience then manifest ? We believe it is really about first thinking and doing a deep dive in to the guest mindset. Understand what he would expect. Anticipate. And finally even create expectations from almost nothing but the strength and creativity of one’s passion for the business of Luxury, Experiential Hospitality.  We believe that just about everything needs to be carefully curated to provide a comfortable and exuberant, yet deeply inspiring and exhilarating, getaway. People do not forget how you make them feel.

Hence our Luxury Experience is about the convergence of a wide array of luxury offerings, a connection with engaging service staff and opportunities for unique experiences that form truly memorable and indulgent experience for a lush life. Rather than aspiring to luxury, today’s guests want to be inspired by luxury touches throughout their stay.

6And so there is no standard definition of luxury because luxury is a matter of personal interpretation. It represents different things to different people and is formed by an individual understanding of what is and is not considered luxurious. Most people agree that luxury is an indulgence, beyond the ordinary and exceeds expectations in a surprising manner. Luxury tends to evoke feelings of being special; it raises expectations and allows people to live without pre- defined limits. From a sense of style and comfort, a legendary location, pampered attention, extravagance or ultra-simplicity, luxury is many things to many people. But one thing is clear – luxury delivers unexpected pleasures that exceed expectations in original ways.

Not just Ordinary Luxury

We differentiate our luxurloly boutique properties by being uniquely authentic and experiential – we are anything but ordinary. The atmosphere and ambience creates an experiential culture and we are known to be a great option for anyone looking for a quiet, luxurious getaway. It is encoded into the DNA of our brand to be spontaneous, flexible and responsive when we see an opportunity to enhance any aspect of a guest’s experience.


Back to Basics

While luxury hotel service continues to evolve, our core philosophy encompasses delivering guest experiences that are pleasant, relaxed and comfortable. Instead of an over-reliance on technology, we subscribe to personalised and individualised service and pay attention to every little detail.

Organic Service

Personalised luxury is what our guests experience when staying with us. It’s instinctively based, anticipatory in nature and delivers the preferred level of attention depending on each guest’s needs at that moment. Our ‘organic service,’ which is an essential element of our guest experience because hotel staff uses their innate, finely-tuned people skills to determine exactly what kind of service a guest requires. We let them call the shots.


paperLuxury Differentiators

Luxury touches are in the small details, and we take this very seriously. No matter how small a gesture, it can make a big difference in a guest’s overall experience with us. From a personal note from the Manager with the morning newspaper with a wildflower and the day’s weather update. To bringing a favorite cocktail. Or even our Resident Chef visiting you to discuss in detail as to what you’d like for your evening meal and whipping up a personalised menu of offerings designed exclusively as per your liking !


12556097_182024042154872_1775749746_nFirst Impressions at Touch Points

Our philosophy is to ensure that each guest experiences luxury service at all touch points, because that is what creates those critical first impressions. Every member in the organization is a brand ambassador when it comes to serving our guests. Whether it is front-line staff or those behind-the-scenes, consistently delivering a luxury touch to all of our guests is of paramount importance. As management, we understand how best to manage guest expectations and luxury experiences, service standards, employee training and coaching, plus dealing with service gaps and take decisive actions to deliver on the luxury promise.

Our strong belief in how our Luxury Experience can be bought alive rests in the minds, hearts and actions of our fabulous staff and management.  After all – sublime experiences need to be created with their passion and actions. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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