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The Retro Safari Ride

It’s Tiger Time. Even though tiger population is declining globally – it is under watch in India to prevent their extinction – making it an obvious favourite for tiger-lovers of both the real and wannabe variety. Given the intense desire for a tiger-sighting – not many have appreciated the rich biodiversity cover which holds the allure not just of a tiger but also a host of other wildlife and extensive, exclusive flora and fauna. Not to forget that part of wildlife that includes bird watching, butterfly sighting, learning more about wildlife conservation and being more aware of our environment.

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is located in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh and is part of the immensely fertile Indo-Gangetic Plain. Conservationists speak of the dense and extensive “ Sal ” forests in Dudhwa which are believed to be over a 150 years old and are over a 100 feet tall. These forests can open up into extensive grasslands and keep you guessing about what’s ahead. Experts have dubbed Dudhwa as one of our most vibrant and exciting wildlife reserves – and one of the most vulnerable. Wildlife lovers will recall Dudhwa Tiger Reserve as being Billy Arjan Singh country. The legendary and tough, determined conservationist chose to make Dudhwa his home to try and save his beloved tigers.

12363046_1161754400516222_1535080877993946568_oVisitors have spoken of an aura of quiet mystery that settles gently upon you once you enter the reserve. Here lies the unexpected – where animals once hidden can be seen even today and where species threatened across India continue to thrive. It is also a birdwatchers paradise ! And the heart of the most extensive swamp deer (barasingha) ranges. In fact, it is the ‘ barasingha ‘ that originally triggered conservation efforts here. Today both predator and prey continue to be relatively safe in Dudhwa – which speaks volumes about their intricate and finely balanced relationship ! Dudhwa also boasts of the Indian one horned rhinoceros which was successfully introduced into Dudhwa in 1984 at the behest of the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Unlike the “ superstar ” national parks of Bandhavgarh, Corbett and Tadoba – Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is a quiet12342808_1161752730516389_7467505475150584218_n, unexplored paradise. If you’re a nature –lover and wildlife spotter, not hung up on a tiger spotting ( which is now
rarer by the day ) Dudhwa is your space. With a relatively lesser number of visitors in season – entry into the park does not entail endless waits for permits.

Top off your Dudhwa Wildlife Safari retro style, with your experience at The Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge. Located in the middle of gently undulating fields that play host to sugarcane and mustard crops – the Lodge is a private residence built in the 1940’s and used by the British as a hunting lodge, it’s the perfect spot to imagine this as your very private and luxurious residence – with a caring set of retainers attending on you. Enjoy the retro style interiors and daily routine with your “ chota haazri.“ Revel in the laid-back, luxurious atmosphere.. Choose from our specially curated Tree of Life Experiences that include the Call of the Wild, One Foot in Nepal, Fishing & Sundowners, Back to Basics and more..

12362851_1161753687182960_1468799317693275019_oIt’s an experience beyond the ordinary as our guests will vouch for. To book your signature Tree of Life experience amidst the wild and unexplored call + 91 96 0209 1000 / 2000 or e mail us on .
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