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Time-out with the Elephants

The majestic Elephant. The largest mammal to walk on our Earth. Distinguished by its massive body, large ears and a long trunk used to pick up objects, trumpet its own form of communication and as a hose to bathe or drink water – the elephant lives in a complex social structure in the wilds of Africa and India. Once a common presence – their numbers have been much depleted due to poachers’ greed for their ivory tusks. While elephant populations have stabilised and are even growing in some areas, poaching, conflict, environmental degradation continue to threaten the species.

The elephant has an incredible capacity for knowledge, understanding, learning and insight. Over the centuries, elephants have been domesticated for three main tasks – in Warfare, Industry, Zoos & Circuses. At the Tree of Life in Jaipur – we have curated experiences with the Elephants lined up for you. You can take your pick from two experiences – Joy with Elephants and Dinner with Elephants.

Horsing Around with the Elephants

Horsing Around with the Elephants

In our Joy with Elephants Experience – you leave the Resort at 0930 hrs after breakfast, for “Hathi Gaon” or Elephant Village which is a 20 minute drive by jeep. This unique ‘village’ is set amidst 30 acres of land and houses over 100 elephants. The elephants arrive at the village pond, which has enormous concrete steps, and slowly make their way into the water. Once in the water, they become playful and frolic around. Join in with the elephants as they play and get scrubbed by their mahouts or handlers. Learn more about them from the mahouts, as they tell you stories about their lives and livelihood. You also have the opportunity to paint, feed and ride these most stunning animals.

Dinner with the Elephants

Dinner with the Elephants

If Dinner with the Elephants is your pick – a short drive from The Tree of Life Resort & Spa will take you to the foothills of the Aravali range. Your elephant awaits to welcome you. Spend some time as you bond with him. ( A guest of ours came back and told us that she felt that the eyes of her elephant were looking into her soul !) Experience the joy of feeding him with bananas. Then hop on to his back and wind your way through the village and past the hillside where you can spot multiple bird species . Your experience is topped off with a special meal comprising local delicacies !

Enjoy many more thoughtfully created one-of-a-kind experiences at all of the Tree of Life Resorts. For a lifetime of memories.

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