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Why We Need to Invest in Experiences

We’re all doing it. Especially on payday when the pocket is jingling and happiness seductively beckons from glittering, neon-lit shop shelves. So we swipe endlessly – for a sugar-high like rush that comes from new clothes, shoes, jewellery and gizmos.

Now pause. Think. After a few times of use – the expensive new bauble seems less and less enticing. We see a pattern. One that economists have described as the Law of Diminishing Returns in another context. The principle remains the same. Research has shown that people who bought expensive products – often devalued a new item’s worth after buying it. And the search begins for a replacement and the happiness fix. You can read more about this in The Huffington Post’s article here.

Lifestyle gurus and a few evolved folk have realized that beyond a point – money can’t buy happiness. And they suggest we start investing in experiences instead of objects. The correct term is to “ make experiential investments .” Because it has been proven that the happiest people in the world today are those who have gone beyond shopping. Instead – these folk believe in creating pay-offs for themselves with their investment in creating memories – a lot of which are based on travel experiences.

Experiences that are felt by each and every one of our senses, are fleeting in nature and add richness to our lives – so that they become truly special for us. Think about it. We wouldn’t tell our grandchildren about the brand new iPhone 6 that we bought while everyone was still using iPhone 5 – but we will tell them breathlessly – about the first time we spotted a tiger at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve – deep in the hushed silence of the forest. We’re proud to share that each and every one of the properties in the Tree of Life chain – focus on creating beautiful memories. Not just within the resorts but also in the areas that surround them.

12374997_1165863000105362_8466176677110904286_oThere are the obvious ones – such as a visit to the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve from the Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge. Add to that the ‘One Foot In Nepal Experience’ – where we drive you to the Nepal border which is a mere 40 kms away. Cross the border at Gauri Phanta, to reach Dhangadhi in Nepal. Visit the local market and test out their local brew, sample Nepalese food, or shop for trinkets and traditional artifacts.


At the Tree of Life Jaipur – visit the nearby school 12341255_1165862363438759_7194809611537710941_nin the village of Kukas – where you can get an idea of what it’s like to study under a tree, using chalk and a slate board instead of pen and paper, much less a computer ! Indulge in our ‘Teach Awhile Experience ‘ where you can teach students a subject that is of interest to you – for an hour !

‘The Village Experience’ is one that’s not to be missed at the Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor at Binsar. A 6.5 km long walk through a coniferous forest will bring you to the charming little village of Katdhrara. Soak in the village life, watch the terraced fields and see traditional architecture of houses with slatted roofs, unique to the Kumaon region. You have the option of having your lunch in a traditional village home!



There are many more curated experiences waiting to be discovered at each of our properties, Or if you have something specific in mind – we can always look to re-create that for you ! Ask for your choice of experiences when you call to make your bookings on + 91 96 0209 1000 / 2000 or e mail us on to get away.

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