Conservation Efforts Nurturing Flora & Fauna at Binsar

Ecological Tapestry of Binsar

From grand broad-leaf Oaks to lush rhododendron forests and conifers, from fern carpets and a myriad of species, Binsar hosts an ecosystem abundant with life.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is essential to Binsar’s conservation story. This sanctuary, which opened in 1988, is a haven for a variety of mammals, birds, and plants. 

Community Participation

Binsar’s conservation efforts lie in collaboration with local communities. Engaging nearby villages in sustainable practices, such as regulated grazing and community-based ecotourism

Ecotourism Practices

Balancing ecotourism with conservation is a delicate endeavour. Binsar has embraced responsible tourism practices that minimise the impact on the environment. 

The Tree of Life – Grand Oak Resort in Binsar is an abode for ecotourists to experience the essence of this verdant land and its wonders. Our sustainable practices and carbon-neutral efforts aid you in becoming a part of the conservation drive of Binsar.