Exploring Tibetan Culture in Dharamshala

Tsuglagkhang Complex

A spiritual nucleus housing the residence of the Dalai Lama and the main Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Norbulingka Institute

Here, artisans diligently work on creating exquisite thangkas, statues, wood carvings, and textiles.

Tibetan Cuisine

Delight in the flavors of momos, thukpa, tingmo, and butter tea.

Tibetan Souvenirs

Dharamshala’s markets are treasure troves of Tibetan souvenirs. Prayer flags, wheels, singing bowls, malas, jewelry, carpets, masks, and incense

Tibetan Festivals

From the vibrant celebrations of Losar and Saga Dawa to the solemn observance of Lhabab Duchen, immerse yourself in the festivities.

Tree of Life Birdsong Chalets, Dharamshala

Enhance your adventure by choosing the perfect resort in Dharamshala, providing a comfortable retreat amidst this cultural tapestry.