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Experiences In Agra

Experiences that connect you to the outdoors as you soak in the fresh air and the serenity of nature.

Chambal & The Gods

A 75 minutes drive to the ancient temples of Bateshwar where you see 40 of the 101 temples in White by the river bank, a truly surreal sight! From here, a 35 minutes drive to board the boat for the river safari on Chambal River set against the rugged ravines of the region.

Take A Ride

The traffic-free roads with a scenic view of the lush green surroundings is an ideal route to cycle through. Ride through the villages and explore the neighbourhood with its rustic charm and idyllic pace of life, an antidote to our hurried everyday. Indulge in the local hospitality of village tea stalls enroute.

Wah Taj!

Do we really need to say much about the very epitome of love? Behold the grandiose marble monument, the very crystallisation of love, a short 20 minutes drive from Tree of Life Ecotainers.

A Street Food Indulgence

In a city that is overshadowed by the greatest architectural edifice, what could be better? Well, the locals swear by their “chaat” maestros! Let us guide you through the labyrinthine lanes of Agra, curating your tasting menu for the mouthwatering street food.

Teach A While

Tree of Life believes in giving back. The sense and feeling of goodness is unparalleled. Our social outreach programs identify schools in neighbourhood, a short 10-minute walk from Tree of Life Ecotainers Agra. Here you can teach kids your favourite topics or just guide them with anecdotes life has sent your way.

Barbeque Evenings

The allure of crackling fire brings about a warm and happy feeling, combine this with the enticing aromas of freshly done BBQ grills in the evenings amidst the serene atmosphere at the gardens around the Ecotainers – a travel back in time to our childhood, an evening well-spent, a wonderful memory for a lifetime.

The Lost Capital

A drive of 75 minutes brings you the famous capital built by Akbar in the 16th Century —
Fathepur Sikri. Built of sandstone with a 6 km wall surrounding it, explore the magnificent architecture of the Mughal times.

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Letterbox by the Tree

Stories and whispers from lands far away, hidden away, concealing tantalizing tales… Such are the citadels of serenity that Tree of Life has spread roots and canopies, bringing you all the wonders in a letterbox by the Tree.