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Experiences In Varanasi

You choose your lifestyle, we make it happen..

Temples, Ghats and Mystic

It is said that the city is home to some 330 million Gods. The lanes, the ghats and the river make up the fabric of Varanasi!

Mother Ganga and You

Take a Morning or evening walk around the ghats and temples followed by the Aarti.

Teach A While

Tree of Life believes in giving back. The sense and feeling of goodness is unparalleled. Our social outreach programs identify schools in neighbouring villages where you can teach kids your favourite topics or just guide them with anecdotes life has sent your way.

Back to Basics

Do a groundhog day with you exchanging your life to that of a charmed farmer who lives close to the soil of his ancestors, always connected, always rooted. For a day, feel this connection as you work in the fields, dirtying your hands, tending and selecting vegetables for your feast later. A tractor ride is an adventure in itself!

Yoga & Meditation

The serene settings of Tree of Life Varansi with the spirituality suffused in everything, lush greenery all around, creating an atmosphere to turn inward as you indulge on the beauty outward. Pick up the Yoga mat and get to it or just meditate. Anywhere, anytime at Tree of Life Varanasi.

An Evening With The Gods

Varanasi is a city of duality. Life and after life rub shoulders here, so do calm and chaos. This dichotomy is best experienced as you make your way through the crowded streets and lanes leading to the ghat before you hop onto a boat to sail on the calm waters of Ganga, slowing down the commotion of the bustling city to a blur background. Ganga arati is best experienced from the boat.

In The Steps Of The Buddha

The epicentre of the greatest spiritual movement on earth, Sarnath was the first stage for the world to recieve Buddha’s wisdom after his enlightenment. Walk this hallowed grounds and be enthralled by the calm energy this palce emanates even now.

“Yours Again” Vows

Take inspiration from nature as it renews life again every season – renew your vows, naturally and traditionally with sweet notes of music playing the background score to the picture perfect memory of a lifetime at our elegantly decorated mandap with a traditional rituals adding the perfect overtone. An intimate candle-lit dinner to end the celebrations on a high note.

The Buggy Ride

A luxury unparalleled in Varanasi, Tree of Life is located in a calm and serene surroundings with unbounded natural beauty. Indulge in this idyllic intimacy on a horse drawn buggy ride as you explore the rustic country side of Varanasi.

“Pamper Your Senses” Vows

Leave the world of stress behind once in a while – escape and indulge yourself in exquisite wellness treatments. Our spa experiences are a beautiful blend of traditional Indian wellness wisdom with 100% natural products.

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Letterbox by the Tree

Stories and whispers from lands far away, hidden away, concealing tantalizing tales… Such are the citadels of serenity that Tree of Life has spread roots and canopies, bringing you all the wonders in a letterbox by the Tree.