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Experiences In Binsar

The mountains are calling… Explore the Dev Bhoomi and nature’s wonderland at Binsar, the last bastion of the great Himalayan Oaks. Walk through the woods and behold the glimpse of the Greater Himalayas standing tall over the horizon, reaching to the skies, clear and starry at night.

Zero Point Trek

Towering at 7800 feet, the misnomered Zero Point Trek is the highest point in Binsar. With numerous tracks and trails going through the dense woods, shaded by the great Himalayan Oaks, frequented by birds and animals seen nowhere else, your gateway to an adventure vacation.

The Village Walk

Pines and oaks line the slopes of the mighty mountains, creating hidden avenues as you descend through this magnificent biosphere, a downhill walk of 90 minutes takes you to the quaint and tiny hamlet of Katdhrara in the valley of Binsar.

A Day With The Gods

A land with the claim to the title of Dev Bhoomi, and rightly so. Breathtaking views, inspire shrines at every bend in the road, some intimate, some majestic, all of them spiritual. Binsar alone is home to 150 temples set amidst lush cedar forest with views of the Himalayas to meditate on.

Ghorchula Top Trek

Mornings and mountains are a made-for-each-other combination. With birds getting active, the sun peaking over the horizon while the chill in the air still soothes you, start your Ghorchula Top Trek through rhododendron and oak forests following in the footsteps of the horses of yore to Jageshwar.

Lunch at the

Southern Lawns

Alfresco dining takes on a whole different dimension with a picnic lunch laid out on the southern lawns of the resort. Majestic views, delicious flavours coupled with the unhurried brilliance and serenity of it all sweeps you into a world away as you dine with your loved ones.

Just For Two

Intimacy has a home and it’s called Binsar. The clear skies that shine with flame of a billion stars at night, with views spanning the expansive Greater Himalayas creates the perfect ambience to sweep your love off feet with chilled sparkling wine, vivid music, warmth of crackling bonfire and so much more.

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