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Experiences In Corbett

Behold! Corbett National Park, an eden for wildlife and nature lovers. Herds of wild elephants, five primary species of deer, crocodiles, wild boars, sloth bears, elusive leopards and of course, the king of the jungle, striped majesty, the tiger. Established in 1936, spreading over 520 square kilometers, the forest covers 70% of the park populated by 110 species of trees, 50 species of mammals, 520 bird species, endemic and migratory, 25 reptile species and more. Tree of Life Van Vilas River Edge is the perfect gateway to the wonders of Corbett.

Call of the Wild

Hear the call of the wild, find and be found in the ancient wilderness of Corbett. Located at the foothills of Himalayas, the ancient jungles here are suffused with a primal spirituality that just tunes you into the unison of nature. Little wonder that Corbett, the man transformed into the modern day legend and hero of conservation here in the plains of Terai.

River Bank Trek

The roaring waters of Kichdi river creates the beat to the music of the jungle with the birds providing the crescendo. Walk along a trail from the Tree of Life Van Vilas River Edge, avenued by dense forest, along the banks. A local guide, hailing from a village nearby will accompany you with picnic hamper, revealing their childhood hangout spots amidst unsullied nature. Relive the simple and deep joy of this all over again as you break bread and warm yourself with a cuppa by the river with a scenic view to feast on.

Explore on Wheels

The trails in the jungles and fields around make for one amazing mountain bike riding experience. Saddle up and hit the dirt, and hard. Explore the quiet and silence of the forest with nothing but the grinding of your gears as you pedal away on the mud tracks. Those fleeting moments of silence as you are airborne navigating a small mound when your senses come to sharp focus are what adrenaline rush is all about!


The terrain around Tree of Life VanVilas River Edge is a playground for adventure activities. Rock climbing, ziplining and more can be indulged in, not far from the resort, amidst the compelling allure of nature. Let the adventures begin!

Teach A While

Tree of Life believes in giving back. The sense and feeling of goodness is unparalleled. Our social outreach programs identify schools in neighbouring villages where you can teach kids your favourite topics or just guide them with anecdotes life has sent your way.

Call of the Goddess

Set atop a rock in the middle of the famed Kosi river, Garjiya Devi Temple is a sight to behold. A revered and sacred shrine, Garjiya Devi has the devotion of locals and outsiders alike. A bustling temple, made serene by the very setting amidst nature, a must visit.

Just for Two

The symphony of the forest and the shimmering starlight set the mood for the candle-lit dinner. Indulge in our 4-course meal, fresh from farm to fork, as you make a special moment, etched in your minds and hearts forever.

Yours Again Vows

A river is the epitome of changing yet unchanging. The water flows with no two moments the river being the same, or is it? Relationships much like rivers, flow, changing yet unchanging. Could there be a better venue to renew your vows than by the banks of the river amidst the grandeur of Corbett forest with all the traditional elements to make it special. A candle-lit dinner to start afresh!

The Chef In You

Way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, they say. Put it to test by donning the chef’s hat for the meal, be guided as you prepare authentic local cuisine to perfection. So ready to say it with spices?

Corbett Museum

A museum to the man himself, Corbett Museum in Kaladhungi is a whirlwind tour through the life of a man whose transformation is nothing short of miraculous and inspirational. From a hunter to a protector, giving us the magnificent jungles of Corbett, his legacy is unparalleled.

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Letterbox by the Tree

Stories and whispers from lands far away, hidden away, concealing tantalizing tales… Such are the citadels of serenity that Tree of Life has spread roots and canopies, bringing you all the wonders in a letterbox by the Tree.