Most people today love the freedom to choose where and how they work. Millennials in particular, are enticed by the idea of running their day-to-day business activities away from the chaotic city life.

We will arrange your travel when you are comfortable in doing so. Given the difficulty to plan for the future, please contact us for our flexible terms of payemnts.

Spirituality plays an increasingly important role in the way we make sense of ourselves and our world. India has been home to sages, philosophers and founders of religions who have found sanctuary and enlightenment in the soil and spirit of the country for the past 4,000 (or is it 5,000?) years. Spiritual Journeys seeks to nurture the spirituality within you by delving into the rich spiritual history of India. Your journeys will take you to some very special places and expose you to a cornucopia of ethnic cuisines, music, rituals, culture and beliefs.

Stayed home for enough time? Join us for our 15-night, Untouched North East of India tour 8 to 25 March 2022 accompanied by both Spanish and English speaking guides. Start in Kolkata, fly to Bhubaneswar in Orissa to visit perhaps the most powerful Tantric Temples in India, most of which are for reincarnates of Shiva. Konark, home of the 13th century Sun Temple. Beautiful wide beaches (bring your swimwear) and the famous Jagannath Temple welcome you to Puri. Board our fully chartered ship ABN Rajmahal for our 7-night cruise on the Lower Hooghly, plying the magnificent River Ganga in Bengal, playing Holi on board our ship. Some photographs on board ABN Rajmahal. Both Spanish and English speakig guides. Prior to this tour is a tour of Temples, Palaces and Forts in Rajasthan. First time visitor to India? Join us for both!

Attend the 5-day Forest Dweller Retreat in Coimbatore, India, 1 to 5 December 2022.

Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. Get a taste of it on our Fascinating Kerala 6-day/5-night tour, departing every Saturday from Cochin/Kochi.

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