Robber’s Cave is a natural cave river formation also known locally as Guchhupani, which is one of the top sites to visit in Dehradun for sightseeing. The cave is around 600 metres long and is separated into two sections. The cave has a maximum drop of roughly 10 metres. There is a fort wall structure in the center that is now broken. It is an exceedingly tiny gorge formed in a conglomerate limestone area on the Dehra plateau of Doon Valley.

It is a natural cave formation with rivers flowing inside. The location is a prominent tourist destination that is presently maintained by the state of Uttarakhand. Local bus services run up to Anarwala Village, from where it is a kilometer walk. It is best to depart early in the morning because this destination is popular with travelers all year and the crowds grow as the day progresses.

The cave is filled with ankle-length water levels, so bring slippers. If you forget to bring your slippers, you can rent them from a local shop and then return them. Robber’s Cave is a narrow valley made of conglomerate limestone. The inside of the cave is dark, which adds to the thrill factor of this location.

Robber’s Cave is a narrow valley made of conglomerate limestone. The inside of the cave is dark, which adds to the thrill factor of this location. The overall atmosphere may make you feel like you’re in a mystery film. Both sides are dark limestone. After trekking through the river stream, you will come to a 10-meter-high waterfall.

Things To Do at Robber’s Cave

The cave is particularly well-known for its underground cold water springs, which provide the ideal summertime cooling. You will experience a relaxing sensation on your hands if you touch the water. You can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this rustic wonder while staying at our resort in Dehradun.

Robber’s Cave is an ideal setting for a picnic with family and friends. After exploring the location from the inside of the 600-meter-long cave with your loved ones, you may walk to the nearby waterfall for a picnic.

Tips For Visiting Robber’s Cave

  1. When exploring the stream, wear footwear that gives adequate support and grip.
  2. Adults may encounter knee-high water. Be cautious as you explore the cave.
  3. Outside the entrance, you can rent rubber flip-flops or chappals.
  4. Local eateries are accessible for a quick bite of some local delicacies.
  5. Bring plenty of water and snacks (optional), as travelling into the cave can be strenuous.
  6. Visitors should plan their transportation to and from the airport well in advance to avoid wasting time waiting for local transportation.

How To Reach
Robber’s Cave is located 8 kilometers from the city of Dehradun. While the Dehradun Railway Station is close to the cave, it is easier to take a bus up to Vijaypur, than a 1 km stroll through the Anarwala village to get here. Tourists can explore this 600-meter-long cave that has been divided into two main parts. If you happen to walk a little further through the stream, you can also spot a splendid waterfall.

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