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Experiences In Dared

An architectural gem, hidden away in the hinterlands of west of India, Dared is a short drive from the historic Bhavnagar. A unique landscape with the Gulf of Khambhat providing a natural break in the land, crafting a unique biosphere in the Velavadar grasslands, the venue for an unique experiment in conservation, Dared helms heritage, natural and cultural while being unassumingly beautiful and charming in its enticement.

Sundowner by the River

The Ghela river flows serenly as it enters its last leg before joining the Arabian Sea at Gulf of Khambhat. Lush farms with vivid birdlife and the quintessential idyllic visions of cattle grazing or marching homeward as the sunsets forms the backdrop of your unique sundowner by the river. Complete with tastefully set up picnic, rugs, seating, mocktails and delicacies to sail you through till dinner time, the Sundowner by the Ghela river is a must do!

Out in the Wild

A royal hunting ground of erstwhile Maharaja of Bhavnagar, spread over an expanse of 34 square kms, the famed Blackbuck National Park is one-of-a-kind nature conservancy. Expansive flat lands, dry grass provide the natural habitat for the majestic blackbucks to thrive. Living in large herds, blackbucks running across this grassland is a vision to behold. A lone wolf or hyenas too make their presence felt.

Day With The Gods

Tree of Life Dared is steeped in history, so is the land around it. A drive through the specatular landscape with the planes giving way to Shatrunjaya hills, some 70 km away is the venue for the largest temple complex of Jains. Hundreds of shrines dot the hilly landscape with the tallest one sitting atop a breathtaking 3750 stairs!

Teach A While

Tree of Life believes in giving back. The sense and feeling of goodness is unparalleled. Our social outreach programs identify schools in neighbouring villages where you can teach kids your favourite topics or just guide them with anecdotes life has sent your way.

Take A Ride

For those who are embattled by traffic woes back home, the simple joys of empty roads is a priceless luxury. Get atop a bicycle and zoom past village homes as you make your way to the riverfront, lush with greenery, as far as eyes can see. Sit by the river and be lost in the moment and unhurried life here.

Morning & Evening Aarti

The Ram Darbar Mandir built by the ruling Gohil family is located across from the Darbargadh. Experience the morning and evening rituals at the mandir or watch the aarti from the balcony of the Darbargadh.

Village Walk

Walk through the clean and quaint village of Dared and explore the village homes through meandering lanes and watch the locals go about their daily chores. For those interested, some homes hold expertise in traditional sari weaving.

The Chef In You

Way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, they say. Put it to test by donning the chef’s hat for the meal, be guided as you prepare authentic local cuisine to perfection. So ready to say it with spices?

Yours Again Vows

Take inspiration from nature as it renews life again every season – renew your vows, naturally and traditionally with sweet notes of music playing the background score to the picture perfect memory of a lifetime at our elegantly decorated mandap with a traditional rituals adding the perfect overtone. An intimate candle-lit dinner to end the celebrations on a high note.

Just For Two

A starry sky and gentle breeze carrying the sounds of nature – a perfect invitation to indulge in a special candle-lit dinner under the starry sky with ‘the one’ from the regal ramparts of Darbargadh. Silent whispers and heartfelt laughter add to this wonderful experience amidst the peerless ambience set by nature just for you.

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Letterbox by the Tree

Stories and whispers from lands far away, hidden away, concealing tantalizing tales… Such are the citadels of serenity that Tree of Life has spread roots and canopies, bringing you all the wonders in a letterbox by the Tree.