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Experiences In Udaipur

Celebrated as Venice of the East among others, Udaipur is far more than these titles. A romantic city through and through, Udaipur embodies a dreamy feel to it, that is accessible to experience than eloquence. Come experience the magic of love and Udaipur with Tree of Life Udaipur.

Call Of The Hills

Home to many generations of Bhils, an indigenous community, the hills of Aravallis around Tree of Life Udaipur is steeped in rich history not found in the texts. Nonetheless the Bhil guide will take you around his home and homestead narrating the story of his people as you climb higher for the magnificent view of Fateh Sagar Lake, a modern wonder with a conscience.

A Day With The Gods

From the animistic deities of Bhils to the Hindu temples, the hills around Tree of Life Udaipur are dotted with revered landmarks and shrines that date a millennium from 734 AD to 1700 AD. A day spent exploring the history, indulging in the spirituality of the land is a memory you will cherish forever.

Back To Basics

Do a groundhog day with you exchanging your life to that of a charmed farmer who lives close to the soil of his ancestors, always connected, always rooted. For a day, feel this connection as you work in the fields, dirtying your hands, tending and selecting vegetables for your feast later. A tractor ride is an adventure in itself!

The Chef In You

Way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, they say. Put it to test by donning the chef’s hat for the meal, be guided as you prepare authentic local cuisine to perfection. So ready to say it with spices?

Meet The Tribals

A short, refreshing walk along the trails through Aravallis take you to an ancient Bhil settlement. The warrior tribe has lived in these regions for millennia. A fierce and feared tribe back in the days, their code of conduct, honour and valour are exemplary. Relive the glory days of the tribe as you converse with them.

Yoga & Meditation

The serene settings of Tree of Life Udaipur with the Aravallis at a distance, lush greenery all around, creating an atmosphere to turn inward as you indulge on the beauty outward. Pick up the Yoga mat and get to it or just meditate. Anywhere, anytime at Tree of Life Udaipur.

Hi-Tea at Sunset

Here is your excuse to just lounge at the Aangan, immersing in the breathtaking views of the Aravallis, gorging on the scrumptious snacks and refreshing beverages, experience true leisure and luxury.

Just For You

The symphony of the forest and the shimmering starlight set the mood for the candle-lit dinner. Indulge in our 4-course meal, fresh from farm to fork, as you make a special moment, etched in your minds and hearts forever.

Teach a While

Tree of Life believes in giving back. The sense and feeling of goodness is unparalleled. Our social outreach programs identify schools in neighbouring villages where you can teach kids your favourite topics or just guide them with anecdotes life has sent your way.

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Letterbox by the Tree

Stories and whispers from lands far away, hidden away, concealing tantalizing tales… Such are the citadels of serenity that Tree of Life has spread roots and canopies, bringing you all the wonders in a letterbox by the Tree.