The National Council of Science Museum has opened numerous National Science Centres around the country. This council aims to show various purposes of science in various fields with an instructive perspective and to popularise science, creating curiosity among individuals.

I was very fortunate to visit the UCOST museum during my last summer vacation with my college friends. My eyes have seen many things, but visiting the UCOST museum was a beautiful memory for me and enhanced my interest in science.

There were numerous people out there; I could see many students from different states and also foreigners assembling there. So it was quite wonderful for me to see so many people in different costumes speaking different local and international languages.

As I took my first step into the gallery, I experienced a new world. Everything around me was knowledge, written and described in a very interesting way. The first gallery represented ancient civilization orderly. How a man lived, what he ate, his thoughts, etc.

After deliberate learning about the life of an ancient man, my mind was puzzled, which raised many questions in my mind about how difficult it was for a man to survive among wild animals in ancient times.
The information of many scientists and their discoveries were also there, how the industrial revolution changed human life; further, as I stepped into the last part of the gallery, I got to see fossils of plants and animals that made my mind go astonished.

I also came across the discoveries of machines that stunned me and also gave a turn to my career as I am an enthusiast about creating and operating machines.

There is a Science Park that incorporates a Dinosaurs park and a planetarium, while the RSC building host Fun Science Gallery, Himalaya Gallery, Frontiers of Technology Gallery, Innovation Hub, 3D Theatre, Auditorium of 200 sitting limit, Exhibition Hall, Library and Meeting Hall.

Some of the attractive features of the scientific law-based interactive outer exhibit in the Science park are the Gravity chair, Whispering garden, Musical Bar, Sympathetic swing, Birding Cage, Eco tube, Perspective house along with the proposed planetarium. In addition, Intelligent materials, New trends in nuclear power generation, cloud computing, Robotics, Carbon nanotube and graphene are some of the attractive features of the inner exhibits in the RSC Building.

The Himalaya Gallery represents almost every subject related to Geology, geography, tourism, culture & traditional knowledge system of the Himalayas through attractive exhibits. It also harbours a replica of “holy Amarnath Cave”.

The empirical knowledge that I gained in the UCOST museum was more than what I could have ever learned in the classroom. Visiting this is a really fun way of learning science.

I highly recommend you celebrate science on holiday at the UCOST museum. I can confidently assure you that it not only rewards you with great experience and knowledge but also inspires you to develop an interest in a specific area of study.

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