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Experiences In Naggar

On the hospitable slopes of the Himalayas, en route to the rarer reaches of the snowy peaks, just a short swerve from the valley where Beas flows joyfully is Naggar, the ancient capital of the region with an unbroken history of 1400 years.

Located on a serene stretch between the bustling towns of Kullu and Manali, Naggar is steeped in history, culture and unparalleled nature’s beauty. Sweeping vistas of the valley and mountains beyond not just made it the strategic capital, but also endows it with panoramic vistas of the gorgeous land around.

Such beauty that artists flock like bees to orchids. Come experience the exquisite that finds expression here at Tree of Life Eila Art Hotel.

Sundowner on the MountainTop
Sometime before sunset, we drive you for 10 minutes and bring you to this amazing mountain top location. From here, you get the most stunning view of the Dauladhars and the Beas River meandering through the Valley. And as the birds begin to come home, we serve you mock-tails and light snacks on beautifully laid out rugs and comfortable outdoor seating. Enjoy Natures serenity and by the time the sun sets and the evening goes by, we drive you back to the comfort of your Tree of Life Eila Art Hotel.
Day With The Gods
The Hadimba Devi Temple is the most famous temple in Manali, just 24 kms ( 50 minutes) from Naggar. Constructed in the 16th Century, it is located amidst beautiful Deodar forests on top of a hill. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, who was the wife of Bhima. You have the possibility of driving in your own vehicle. We can also arrange for a vehicle at supplement costs.
Take a Ride

The winding mountain roads around us are an ideal route to do a cycle ride. Take off on the cycles and drive through the meandering road shaded by swaying Deodars, fresh air and blue skies. Stop somewhere for refreshments at a quaint roadside café and then cycle your way back to the Hotel.

Naggar Walk
The quaint town of Naggar offers glimpses of medieval Indian history and an opportunity to live the simple yet beautiful life. The walk takes you to the Naggar Castle dating back to the 14th Century, the village and old temples dating back to the 11th Century. Also stop at the local weavers and handicraft establishments.
Going Local
How about a meal at a ‘Kaathkuni style’ pahadi home ! Made with an artistic but simple blend of wood and stone, these mud plastered homes take you back in time. Enjoy a local meal cooked over a wood fired stove by your local host.
Something Fishy
Think of Kullu-Manali and think of Trout! We drive you down to the river with your fishing gear for a game of patience. Throw in the bait and wait for your catch of the Brown or the Rainbow Trout which are in abundance in this area. Bring it back to the hotel and we cook a delicious dish for you of your catch of the day ! ( Fishing is not allowed from November to February)
Let’s Hike
At nearly 7,000 ft, Rumsu is a charming village, around 6 kms from your Hotel. This old Himalayan settlement still has many with old wooden houses and also the famous Jamula Devta Temple, the main deity of the area. Hike through deodar and pine forests with amazing views and blue skies as your companion.
Lost In Time
Malana is around 60 kms from your hotel ( 2 hours drive) and is considered to be the oldest village of ancient India, one of the oldest democracies in the world. It is also famous for Malana Cream – a product made from the locally grown cannabis plants. ! Located at 8,700 ft , the last 3 kms is a reasonably steep walk to part to get there. ‘Outsiders’ are not allowed to touch the local residents, nor are they allowed to stay overnight in this village of some 700 people. Take a culture tour of it’s fascinating traditions before heading back to your hotel.
Weavers Delight
‘Pattu’ is the ethnic winter wear of women in Himachal Pradesh and a lot of it is still woven on traditional handloom machines. The area is also famous for the bright Kullu shawls. Visit one of the homes where families still carry this tradition forward and learn how to work a traditional pit loom.
Yoga in the Mountains
Just a short five minutes’ walk, brings you a serene and calm mountainside, with a beautiful view of the Dauladhar Mountains across the Valley. And as you lose yourself to the blue skies and fresh mountain air, your yoga instructor takes you through the various ‘aasnas’ of your comfort level.
Upstream – Downstream
For those wanting that adrenaline rush on the river, we can arrange a canoeing trip on the Beas. We will drive you down to the river, where our experienced guide will take charge. The next two 90 minutes will be an exhilarating experience on the river, as you ride the rapid. We then drive you back to the Hotel where you unwind with some warm mint infused tea. Trip is subject to weather conditions.

Roerich Art Gallery and Museum

A trip to Naggar would be incomplete without a visit to this ‘institution’. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian painter, arrived in Naggar in 1917. He is known as the Master of Mountains and is said to have done over 7,000 paintings, many capturing scenes from the Himalayas. This Museum and Art Gallery was founded by his son in 1962. Paintings of Kullu, Spiti and Lauhal made by the painter are housed in the Art Gallery. You could either do a 30 minutes’ walk ( one way) to the Museum or drive there (4 kms) in your own car. We can also arrange for a vehicle at supplement cost.
Teach A While
Just 5 minutes’ drive from us, is the local school at Naggar, set amongst homes of the villagers. Join the students as they go through their day at school and yes – teach them a subject that is of interest to you! (School timings apply).
Just for Two
What would you give to surprise your partner with sounds of the music from the mountains, with the soft rustling of Deodar trees, complete with a candlelit table and the stars above you? We can make your dream come true with all this and more.
The Chef in You
Delight your partner by cooking up an amazing Himachali meal. Don the Chef’s hat at the cooking set up and with guidance from our Chef, you will learn the delightful art of mountain specialties and rustle up a delectable meal for two.
“Yours Again” Vows
Marriage holds a very sacred place in Indian society and renewing your vows in the traditional Indian way is something that will stay with you for a life-time. Just before sun set, two village women escort you singing traditional wedding songs to the beautifully decorated ‘mandap’. The priest takes you through the ceremony, chanting ‘shlokas’ from the Vedas around the ‘sacred fire’. This is followed by a private candle light dinner, as the silence of the surroundings lull you into paradise.
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