Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Dehradun is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its rich and diverse culinary heritage. The city’s food scene blends traditional Garhwali flavours, North Indian influences, and international cuisines. Embarking on a gastronomic culinary adventure through Dehradun is a treat for the senses, offering a delightful array of flavours that tell stories of culture, history, and innovation. Let us explore some of the delectable flavours that Dehradun has to offer.

Garhwali Gastronomy & Kumaoni Cuisine

Uttarakhand is also known as the land of the Gods. Snow-capped hills and Hindu temples speckle this region’s beautiful landscapes. The food here is mostly known as ‘pahadi’ which consists of minimal spices and local ingredients. These traditional cuisines of Uttarakhand have some delicious offerings that you may find easily in Dehradun’s restaurants, markets, and homes. Here are some dishes that you need to try while visiting the region:

Quintessentials: Poori Sabzi

Also known as Aloo ka Jhol or Aloo Rasedar, a wonderful potato stew that is warm and spicy and served with hot crispy fried pooris and Chhole! It is a dish well-loved all over the country but having it fresh in the cold mornings of Dehradun is an experience anyone must have when in the mountains.

poori sabzi : food to try while staying tree of life resort near dehradun

Tibetan Traverses: Momos and More

Dehradun’s diverse population has brought Tibetan cuisine to the forefront, with momos taking centre stage. These delectable dumplings, stuffed with a variety of fillings, are a favourite street food. Pair them with a bowl of steaming “Thukpa,” a hearty noodle soup that warms both body and soul. The blend of Himalayan flavours in these dishes reflects the city’s multiculturalism.

tibetan momos:must try food while staying tree of life dehradun

Markets & Streetfood

A stroll through bustling markets like Paltan Bazaar and Rajpur Road reveals the heartbeat of Dehradun’s food culture. Food stalls and vendors entice an abundance of colours and aromas. From locally sourced produce to regional delicacies, these markets offer a glimpse into the daily life of the city’s food enthusiasts. From Kachoris and Pakoras to many other chaat varieties, a market tour in Dehradun is flavours galore.

samosas and kachori:must try food while staying tree of life dehradun

Cafés & Bakeries

Cafes and bakeries serve as hubs for locals and travellers alike, offering everything from aromatic coffees to fusion dishes that marry international tastes with local ingredients. These spaces embody the city’s evolving identity while celebrating its culinary heritage. You’ll find many establishments blending the city’s traditions with the up-and-coming, bringing a balance to the time and culture of Dehradun.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Indulging your sweet tooth in Dehradun is a delightful experience. Bal Mithai to Singori, many such local sweets give the culinary journey of Dehradun a very sugary end. Don’t forget to try Gulgule and Arsa if you get a chance, they are just delightful!

Bal Mithai: must try food while staying tree of life dehradun

No culinary exploration of Dehradun would be complete without indulging in a ‘Uttarakhand Thali’, so make sure to take out a day and indulge in some traditional recipes made from local produce and Uttarakhand’s culinary heritage. Dehradun’s culinary delights are a journey through time and tradition, a blend of local flavours and global influences. The food of this city reflects its multicultural history and lives lived. Each bite you take will take you on a journey through time and traditions of this quaint but lively region of Uttarakhand. Book your luxurious stay at Tree of Life, Dehradun Foothills, Resort in Dehradun and begin your feastful adventure into the flavourful delights of Uttarakhand.