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Experiences In Dehradun

A bustling town with cozy cafes, restaurants, aspriational schools and more, Dehradun is best experienced on foot or through a drive around the charming town set amidst the valley at the foothills. Dehradun or Doon as it is lovingly called, has an eclectic overtures of colonial and contemorary with chic cafés dotting the townscape.

Queen of the Hill Stations

Dehradun holds a special place in the hearts of those who live here or have travelled here. An oasis of charm, calm and serenity, Doon keeps you coming back for more. The endearing chaos of the downtown, the peace and quiet of the mountains around, the many lungspaces and walking friendly zones make for a wonderful destination.

In The Footsteps of Buddha

The mountains and the Buddha are inextricably linked. Explore the Buddhist culture in the paradise among the hills. Visit the many monasteries, temples and meditation centres, all in the service of enlightenment, the Buddha way.

Gateway to the Valley
of the Gods

A scenic hour and a half drive from the Tree of Life Dehradun, Rishikesh is the perfect mix of adventure, religion, spirituality, wellbeing and rich heritage of folklore. Experience white-water rafting or ramp up your adrenal with zip-lining. Relax and turn inwards with meditation and yoga by the riverside. The Ganga Aarti is the perfect ending to an eventful day.

Time Around Town

Experience the charming streets and by lanes of Dehradun as you drive through the city or park and explore on foot a quaint part of the town with its many enticements.

The Knitting Centre

Warm, beautiful and soothing, we are talking about the traditional knitted shawls and other woollen clothing knitted and handcrafted in the traditional style. Keeping alive this priceless legacy of the region is the Knitting Centre. Splurge on yourself and your loved ones and give them a hug they can always keep handy.

Wool Walk

Walk amidst the rustic and idyllic paths, leading up to the village home of a traditional wool weaver in a quaint village nearby. Tree of Life promotes the traditional arts and the artisans who practice it. Experience traditional knitting at the knitters home and perhaps have something custom made for you and your loved ones.

Barbeque Evening

Tree of Life Dehradun comes alive every evening when the last light has vanished behind the mountains and the song birds have sung their last song. The crackling and warmth of the BBQ enlivens the place. You are welcome to try your hand at grilling a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

Just for Two

Charm has a home and it’s called Dehradun. The shimmering lights of the town with the vivid hued sky present the perfect ambience to sweep your love off feet with chilled sparkling wine, vivid music, warmth of crackling bonfire and so much more in a wonderfully decorated gazebo.

Yours Again Vows

Take inspiration from nature as it renews life again every season – renew your vows, naturally and traditionally with sweet notes of music playing the background score to the picture perfect memory of a lifetime at our elegantly decorated mandap with a traditional rituals adding the perfect overtone. An intimate candle-lit dinner to end the celebrations on a high note.


The Delhi Room, much like the eponymous capital of the country where the powers that be confer on things high and mighty, you too can have your conference and team outings amidst the beauty of Doon. Tree of Life will ensure all the necessary equipment for a successful conference.

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Letterbox by the Tree

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