Joys Of Deserts

I want to escape to...

Desert psychology speaks about how life is a merciless clime that is not nearly as empty as it looks. Deserts act as an escape hatch into the vastness of life, away from the closed and boxed everyday living. It also shows us how in a world of mirages, the desert is an honest place filled with wonders like trees growing out of rocks and creatures that endure the unforgiving landscapes. These wide spaces, shut down all the noise from the outside and let you experience life as it is. Live among these places where dreams were made, and Tree of Life is that Oasis of dreams amidst dunes of nothingness.

JAIPUR This resort in Jaipur features 13 luxury villas set around 7 serene acres of land and all of this is just a convenient 30-minute drive from the bustling city. explore
UDAIPUR Udaipur has been home to the Aravali hills for centuries and located amidst these undulating forested hills, lies your perfect getaway — Tree of Life Resort, Udaipur. explore
UDAIPURWATI Bringing alive the charm of the old world with architecture inspired from the local Rajasthani historic surroundings, Tree of Life Inderpura Resort, Udaipurwati explore